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Book: "Outcome Measurement in Mental Health" Cambridge University Press


Outcome Measurement in Mental Health Theory and Practice Edited by Tom Trauer Hardback Published June 2010 In order to operate in an evidenc...

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WHO Guidance Global Discussion Forum 26 July - 6th August, 2010


Announcement: Please pass this invitation onto to your networks and colleagues and encourage them to join this virtual discussion forum. The...

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Drupal musings 8: Styling the archive


I've been editing the basic html pages (as mentioned before on W2tQ) these include: Brian Hodges' introduction with a content lis...

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The art and science of Serresian spin


To Michel Serres: - the middle is a point of reflection, a point at which questions - the question - must be asked. In fulfilling the purp...

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ERCIM News No. 82 Special theme "Computational Biology"


Dear ERCIM News Reader ERCIM News No. 82 has just been published at http://ercim-news.ercim.eu/ Special Theme: " Computational Biolog...

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Drupal musings 7: HTML5, CSS3 ... & Mr Hodges meets Drupal


At Manchester airport in May I noticed Web Design Essentials (WDE). Reasons of cost £14.99 and weight meant it was put back on the news sta...

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HIV/AIDS and Rights - Social Networking - The Vienna World AIDS Conference


To: Members of The CI Community Interested in HIV/AIDS and Communication From: Warren Feek Peter - Please Join: "HIV/AIDS Future Strate...

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Born HIV Free campaign announces 11 million views for "Baby in the Sky" creative film


Dear Writer and Blogger, In our series of news related to the 6-month Born HIV Free campaign, we are delighted to send you a press release f...

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Editorial JRN. Coalition in leadership: Politics - the big picture and the big game


In the Journal of Research in Nursing, Veronica Bishop's editorial - Coalition in leadership. Politics - the big picture and the big gam...

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The cost of anholistic care


Being 'holistic' in care delivery can seem anachronistic, paying homage to new age thinking and practices. Paradoxically, being holi...

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CfP IEEE IC Special Issue: Web Technology and Architecture for Personal Health Records


IEEE Internet Computing : special issue planned for 2011 Guest Editors: Chimezie Thomas-Ogbuji [cut at case.edu], Karthik Gomadam [karthik a...

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Drupal musings 6: Content types - Reflection!


Does anyone have any experience in using established models of reflection in: education (nursing, public health, information technology) pra...

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earth, wind, fire, water AND the birth of physics


To begin - the health career model is concerned with space, structures and knowledge (care domains) built around two axes, plus the 'sub...

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Knowledge Management & E-Learning: An Int. Journal (KM&EL)


As Editors-in-Chief of Knowledge Management & E-Learning: An International Journal (KM&EL), we are very pleased to announce the rele...

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Nursing attitudes [towards patients ( and self { and ? } ) ]


In the past half-year there have been two discussions, that concern the nurse's attitude towards patients. One was held on the nursing p...

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Drupal musings 5: Jump start for a new blog / site


Last month I had a great offer from the Drupal North West UK user group members at Manchester's - MadLab . The proposal is using a centr...

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Philosophy of information empowers philosophy of care


The moral and ethical dimensions of nursing quickly become apparent to individual practitioners and professional associations. Philosophy in...

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Care ecology


Webster’s dictionary defines ecology as: ".. the totality or pattern of relations between organisms and their environment." In hea...

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tpm50: the philosophers' magazine


tpm50 The best ideas of the 21st century A 50th issue special (3rd quarter 2010) is on news stands. Possibly very useful insights for thos...

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Drupal musings 4: Modules and the nursing masquerade


Periodically I go through the list of available modules for Drupal both the current version and that in development - at present that is ver...

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Carer's support evidence / measures and end of life care


The following e-mail was received this week from (Prof.) George Kernohan and includes correspondence with Mary A. Waldron, Research Assistan...

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Special appeal: for former (current) users of Hodges' model - Isle of Man


It appears there have been two visitors to W2tQ from the Isle of Man. Over the years there have been many such hits on the website. Nursing ...

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Clinical Informatics in the North West – the start of a new era!


Thursday, 1st July 2010, 6.15pm light buffet, 7pm talk Clinical Informatics in the North West – the start of a new era! Speakers: Dr Andrew ...

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EHR Software Market Share Analysis & UK residential care / nursing home sector musings


Last month (20th May 2010) Chris Thorman, who blogs about EMR systems at Software Advice, e-mailed me (copied below). Could I mention hi...

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As one chapter closes another opens ...


Even if that chapter number is 15, 20 or even the penultimate - when it comes to older adults entering or residing in residential and nursin...

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Old man of the sea (or 'heroic informatics')


The seas have long been an information and communications channel .... My source: AWADmail Issue 408 April 25, 2010 From: Steve Patterson Su...

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What's good for art students ....


Never take the stylus or brush in your hand if you have not first constituted in your mind all that you have to do. Leon Battista Alberti, O...

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Curriculum design and the value of whitespace


The best websites are often variously described as clean, slick, easy to navigate and access . They are considered 'best' often as a...

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