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International Leprosy Day


Fighting for a Just Cause Sunday 31 January 2010 How would you respond if, because of a disease, your family no longer wanted you to live at...

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Kiva: Money isn't everything, but it helps - especially in health


In health care we readily appreciate, but still need reminding of the link between wealth - health and poverty. The Black Report and the re...

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ERCIM News No. 80 Special Theme: "Digital Preservation"


Dear ERCIM News Reader, ERCIM News No. 80 has just been published at http://ercim-news.ercim.eu/ Special Theme: "Digital Preservation...

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Midwifery Materials for Haiti - in French/Creole - NEEDED


My source as posted to the GANM and on HIFA 2015 lists: I am writing the (GANM) community to ask for assistance in gathering online midwifer...

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Nursing and care homes: the new schools 4 basic nursing care?


I do not wish to denigrate the quality of care in nursing homes, as I've blogged previously there are others better placed to do that w...

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Hodges' model links in 3D with Topicscape


Roy Grubb (Hong Kong) got in touch recently regards his appreciation of the links resource I have compiled, organise and maintain using Hod...

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Putting 'care' in a holistic frame


How many frames do you need? *infocare: care demographics, directories, media, literacies ... care communication, self care, care ethics, ca...

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Currencies and travel in health and social care


Before the advent of the euro, holidays in Europe were that bit more exotic. Having to buy and adjust to another currency - and not just one...

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Marathon, half-marathons and other journeys


In 1984 a holiday in Athens brought with it the opportunity to visit Marathon . As a cross-country runner at school Marathon had always held...

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Sahana OSS response in Haiti


My source: Community informatics list [ciresearchers]: Sahana Software Foundation Haiti Earthquake Response Status Report #1 January 17, 201...

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Compass-ion and care cartography


Are you a - Care surveyor? Care commissioner? Care architect ? Care assessor? Care appraiser? Care philosopher? Care manager? Care publicist...

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'situated' in Hodges' model #2


So, Hodges' model is person-centred and situated - a conceptual springboard for all. In the 1970-80s the nursing process challenged ta...

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'situated' in Hodges' model #1


I'm not exactly sure how many times I've cut and pasted the paragraphs that introduce Hodges' model as person-centered and situa...

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Comment on Paul Roemer's "EHR market is ripe for the taking by Google, Microsoft, Oracle"


I read with great interest Paul Roemer's post last month - EHR market is ripe for the taking by Google, Microsoft, Oracle I've a lo...

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BBC R4 Friday 8th Jan: NHS Punters Speak Out


This programme (episode 1) is on BBC Radio 4 on Friday 11.00 : With the help of dissatisfied NHS patients, Liz Barclay asks if the growing p...

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Your odds on favourite: Hodges' model


HAYDOCK PARK 3:00 The Hodges-Jones Classic Integrated, Holistic & Multidisciplinary Care Chase Going: heavy 26m 1.75f 4 REALPOLITIK 250 ...

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Sun Microsystems blog: Pretty good example* of a Strategic (Design) Brief


The Sun Microsystems site includes a blog (Martin Hardee) with an article entitled as above that poses eight questions. These questions can ...

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