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Launch of the National Care Service in England


Source: Department of Health, 30/03/2010 In the biggest change to the welfare state since the creation of the NHS, everyone who needs care w...

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MCQ (answer) on clinical coding and classification


The answer to the multiple choice question is item 4: - a product of the 18th century driven by death? François Bossier de Lacroix (1706-1...

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Hodges model: The realm of the Centaur...?


I've rather messed about here before with ideas for the new website, banners and graphics. In reading I've switched from SF to Ken W...

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MCQ (question) on clinical coding and classification


Q. The development of clinical coding and classification systems, such as International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is … a manifestatio...

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Design an interactive space - 2 meters square - for Expolab project


My source: DESRIST discussion LinkedIn Hello DESRIST members. This is about an interactive design project, and the folks at Citilab are very...

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Lovelace, women's IT and QUADratic equations


When you stop and think about it - really stop and think, the foresight of Charles Babbage was astonishing, even though he did not quite ach...

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More SF (speculations on person-centred care...?)


I've been reading a bit more SF - this time Joe Haldeman's, The Forever War here's a fascinating excerpt: I went to the phone in...

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The need for a hybrid propagator


In the Northern hemisphere now is the time to be out there planting seeds. Here in the NW of England Spring is just around the corner (the f...

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Prime Minister’s Commission on the Future of Nursing and Midwifery in England – 2010


Earlier in March The Prime Minister’s Commission on the Future of Nursing and Midwifery in England published its final report. You can down...

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RCN member's survey on spirituality & H2CM


Originally published - 10 March 2010 Source: The Ro...

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Drupal musings 2: Drupalese and Nursese - help or hinder


As I repeatedly wade into the blue Drupal waters and then run out again (the water's hot ) I note ongoing conversations at Drupalversity...

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More lines - scribed in SF


I've just finished and greatly enjoyed reading Greg Bear's EON which includes: There are an infinite number of alternatives to the ...

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Walls, Lines, Dykes and Health Care


We are accustomed to defensive care and medicine. Costs aside it seems the driving mantra (always served with a smile) is avoid risk at all ...

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CfP International Journal of People-Oriented Programming (IJPOP)


********************* CALL FOR PAPERS ********************* (edited here for length) *** INAUGURAL ISSUE *** SUBMISSION DUE DATE: 1st Ma...

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Romeo and Juliet – the care home version


Octogenarian versions of Shakespeare's lovers to feature in Bristol production Directed By Tom Morris Fresh from co-directing the West E...

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Person-centred care and semantic inflation


Time laughs at us, with us and has the last laugh. If you are ever complacent and by virtue of your years you venture to think to yourself: ...

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