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جاري التحميل ...

To-do list and challenges ... 2014

2013-12-26T07:24:00-08:00 no particular order of priority or level of challenge presented... Graduate study - distance learning, assignments, supervision, resid...

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SCNTST - Self Therapy


INTERPERSONAL : SCIENCES SOCIOLOGY : POLITICAL individual Self Therapy SCNTST "... Self Therapy   is designed for the headphones  no...

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mEDucator 3.0 | Open Linked Education - Melina+ (Drupal)


Checking through links yesterday I came across the mEDucator initiative and Melina+ [no longer available] which is part and noticed it is bu...

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Papers, *actual* post-grad studies and a visit to Brian Hodges


Early last month I posted about planned trips to Sheffield and Lancaster Universities. On the 4th I visited Paula Procter at Sheffield Hall...

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Cognitive Informatics and other forms?


Over the past couple of months I've posted on topics that include an example of Hodges' model related to the post's particular t...

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H2cm - Beauchamp and Childress (1994) four principles of healthcare ethics


I'm clearing the decks of books at the moment, one of which is McGonigle and Mastrian's Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Kn...

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Critical Thinking - Gaining knowledge: Beginners + Experts = audience?


Clearing through books last month with several bound for the charity shops I came across Critical Thinking in Nursing: An Interactive Approa...

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... 11.12.13 . ... time to deliberate upon Dementia ... G(r)8


#G8dementia News update: 11.12.13 posted 2024hrs UT  BBC News G8 'will develop dementia cure or treatment by 2025' See also: Departm...

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Join the Revolution: For the Lady in the Corner (c/o ST4Health)


ST4Health INTERPERSONAL : SCIENCES SOCIOLOGY : POLITICAL individual Lady situated assumptions personal experience one disease - malaria, ...

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Reading and writing the minutia of locked doors and windows (still a draught)


Couples, married or not, partners are the cards that frequently, if not by definition, lean on each other beyond the pale, to the n-th degre...

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The EQUATOR Network: Support for “Declaration of transparency”


Following publication in the BMJ, in October 2013, of a proposed declaration of transparency a number of journals have now expressed their...

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