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Time, History, Technology, Institutions, Transparency and Reflective Practice


Despite the passing of time refactored as institutional history  and   technical solutions, reflective practice and transparency in care rem...

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Drupalcon Prague: sessions, missed ops, leaflets and old contacts - renewed


The structure of Drupalcons provide a range of sources for learning, networking and information. The main sessions are the most obvious sour...

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Budgeting for Public Involvement in Research


Dear Colleagues, INVOLVE and the Mental Health Research Network teamed up to produce a new resource to help with budgeting for the costs o...

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Surveys, Nursing Education, Drupal and Webform


Just before heading to Drupalcon Prague I learned of a new paper by Gill et al. : Using a web-based survey tool to undertake a Delphi study...

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Health 2.0 Europe 2013: Nurses, registration and £££


This year I've really enjoyed the Health 2.0 Manchester chapter meetings and there's some great evening sessions to follow this nor...

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H2CM new website - A short-form project brief


In Dani Nordin’s Drupal for Designers , chapter 4 is includes a short-form project brief. As I pack for Prague and another Drupalcon (my 6th...

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Study on attitudes to epistemic uncertainty in safety - Call for participants


From: Eugenio Alberdi, e.alberdi AT CSR.CITY.AC.UK To: SOCIOTECH AT JISCMAIL.AC.UK Sent: Tuesday, 17 September 2013, 19:57 Subject: Stu...

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Book review "Clinical Intuition in Psychotherapy: The Neurobiology of Embodied Response"


Clinical intuition is something that in formal learning terms is intangible, but in practice is earned and relied upon as a gift of experien...

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'Pictures to Share' book titles for people with later stage dementia


Hi I am contacting you as one of our LinkedIn colleagues working in the field of dementia. One of our 'Pictures to Share'...

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Hodges' model - Website, Blog and the UK Web Archive


Early this morning the blog threw a wobbly, at least on Firefox. The sidebar was being displayed below the main content. I take this as a si...

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Research Design Service North West (RDS NW) September 2013 e-bulletin


A very useful resource: Dear C olleague, Please follow the link below to the September 2013 e-bulletin from the Research Design Service Nor...

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Forms and Dimensions of Care: 20 Gs of Politics


INTERPERSONAL : SCIENCES SOCIOLOGY : POLITICAL individual ? ? ? group - population Image:

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