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How did I start practising BDD?


At the beginning days I have practised TDD (Test Driven Development) with using JUnit, I approached that I should test methods belong to a c...

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Tutorial: Classificazione e Mosaico di Varie Immagini Landsat (ITA)


Questo tutorial illustra la classificazione della copertura del suolo di vari immagini Landsat per creare una classificazione di un'area...

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Adding a default text to the beginning of an text area


I have a text area where I can enter a SQL statement. The text "SELECT TOP 1" is used at the begining of the sql statement as a de...

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Strategy Design Pattern


For example, I have an program with an Animal abstract class and two sub-classes Dog and Bird. I want to add a new behavior for the class An...

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AngularJS Fundamentals


1. Single Page Application (SPA) - Single page application versus   Traditional multi-page - " Single-Page Applications (SPAs) are Web ...

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AngularJS - Using broadcast or shared service to communicate controllers' data


Either using broadcast approach or shared service is enough to solve the problem about communicating data between two controllers. Using bro...

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Build Dynamic Forms in AngularJS Directives


We wanted to build a dynamic form that has some types of elements such as text field, text area, label, date picker, combobox, file uploader...

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Selenium - tests don't interact with IE


Have you ever faced to a problem that your tests work well on Chrome or Firefox, but don't do anything on Internet Explorer after launch...

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