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Old man of the sea (or 'heroic informatics')


The seas have long been an information and communications channel .... My source: AWADmail Issue 408 April 25, 2010 From: Steve Patterson Su...

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What's good for art students ....


Never take the stylus or brush in your hand if you have not first constituted in your mind all that you have to do. Leon Battista Alberti, O...

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Curriculum design and the value of whitespace


The best websites are often variously described as clean, slick, easy to navigate and access . They are considered 'best' often as a...

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Drawing - the stage of conceptual design


The health career model - drawing - for health and social care professionals, et al.. ... "The Italian word for drawing, disegno , als...

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63rd World Health Assembly unanimously adopts the WHO global Code of practice on the international recruitment of health personnel


Dear HIFA2015 colleagues, Please find below a press release from the Global Health Workforce Alliance. In the words of Dr Mubashar Sheikh, G...

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The health career model, reflection, curriculum development


There are many new insights and remembrances available in the content of - Occasional Paper No 10 Connecting Reflective Learning, Teaching ...

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Nursing: Art and Science ... Fra Angelico to Leonardo


I arrived in London at noon in preparation for the Higher Education Academy mental health SIG meeting tomorrow at King's College, which ...

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Holistic bandwidth (and the dangers) of political care


The attack on MP Stephen Timms here in the UK highlights not only the ongoing importance of personal safety for public service personnel, bu...

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Health, social care and personal map making


There have been two series running on BBC 4 in the UK over recent months and currently with a cartographic and historical focus: see - The ...

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Drupal musings 3: PHP, Textmate, h2cm and Forms


Happy International Nurses' Day! For quite a few months I have not connected the MacBook to the external monitor. I did so last night u...

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Injustice: Why social inequality persists by Daniel Dorling


I first came across the work of (Prof.) Danny Dorling in the 1990's in connection with workshops on visualization in the social sciences...

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International Journal of User Driven Healthcare (IJUDH) CfP


Dear Mr. Jones In view of your work in patient-centered care, I’d like to invite you and/or your colleagues to submit a paper to this Specia...

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Comment: session at Beyond These Walls - Public Engagement Colloquium


I am of course really pleased that Prof. George Kernohan employed h2cm in his presentation last month - Beyond These Walls - Public Engageme...

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Hodges' model: subject of a session at Beyond These Walls - Public Engagement Colloquium


Hodges' model found a place in a session at: Beyond These Walls - Public Engagement Colloquium Faculty of Life and Health Sciences 22nd ...

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Health, social care and informational emaciation


We hear a lot about information and how important it is, being in what is described as the information age, the information economy. ... Nu...

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