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جاري التحميل ...

The Resurgence of - Soul Soil Society - in h2cm


On my travels into Manchester for Drupal NW and other monthly meetings I sometimes have time to call at the Cornerhouse (now HOME . It's...

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The Health Foundation launch new Person-Centred Care resource centre


Dear CHAIN member, We would like to draw your attention to the following new resources.   Please pass on as appropriate.  Thank you. The Hea...

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Playing and working with words and music - étude : ctude


étude An étude (/ ˈeɪtjuːd /; French pronunciation: ​[eˈtyd], a French word meaning study) is an instrumental musical composition, usually s...

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Winter Exhibition at Wellcome Trust: Foreign Bodies, Common Ground


INTERPERSONAL : SCIENCES SOCIOLOGY : POLITICAL individual Art in Global Health: Reflections The exhibition brings together artworks includ...

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Consultation on the proposed withdrawal of the SNOMED CT national care planning content


In addition to responding myself, I notice on the actual consultation page on 'Citizen Space' there is an option to share this consu...

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Immortality, the matrix and Hodges' model


The 5th care - knowledge - domain is the Spiritual INTERPERSONAL : SCIENCES SOCIOLOGY : POLITICAL individual floating off as souls not dyi...

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[hifa2015] How can we stop ICANN decision that could profoundly damage global health?


Dear HIFA colleagues, A few weeks ago I posted the Lancet article below, which highlights the threat of a commercial sale of the new top-l...

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Call for papers: Social Robots: Form, Content, Critique - International Journal of Social Robotics


Dear Humanists, With the usual apologies for duplications and request for cross-posting to suitable lists and potentially interested colleag...

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Held in equal esteem: Physical health and Mental health


As a mental health nurse you are familiar with concept of ‘esteem’. Self-esteem is central within assessments of clients, central to all ca...

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TO: EU -omics research community; if you are seeking a holistic approach for personalised medicine...


The relevance of Hodges' model as a resource in 21st century health care and research can be found within personalised medicine. This is...

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(other) for-getting(s)


HUMANISTIC -------------------- MECHANISTIC INTERPERSONAL : SCIENCES SOCIOLOGY : POLITICAL individual the premiers  the presidents  forgot...

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Calling all healthcare radicals!


A call to action: Helen Bevan’s blog (BMJ) Rocking the boat and staying in it: how to succeed as a radical in healthcare     Corporate Rebel...

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FGM: 66,000+1 'cultural sensitivity, political correctness', or +0 real action ?


HUMAN istic -------- RIGHTS context: eradicating female genital mutilation INTERPERSONAL : SCIENCES SOCIOLOGY : POLITICAL individual psy...

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Graduate Study in Philosophy/Ethics of Information at the University of Oxford


From: Luciano Floridi - lfloridi at Please circulate If you are interested in pursuing interdisciplinary graduate study at the U...

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Papers, possible post-grad studies, conferences and a visit to Brian Hodges


This coming Monday and Wednesday I'm investigating post graduate study options with visits to Sheffield and Lancaster Universities. Head...

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A book chapter: Spatial semantics - definitions...


This book would appear to be an essential reference in respect of h2cm, the following is from chapter 13: Spatial semantics is the study of ...

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