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Held in equal esteem: Physical health and Mental health

As a mental health nurse you are familiar with concept of ‘esteem’. Self-esteem is central within assessments of clients, central to all care workers as safe and effective practitioners; and self esteem tests carers in those people for whom their condition means self-esteem is something attributed by proxy.

I noticed just recently use of the term esteem applied to the disparity between physical health and mental health. The two upper-most domains in Hodges' model (interpersonal and sciences) draw attention to the historical duality of mind and body. To integrate the two means acknowledging differences and this is acute in terms of finance, research and treatment plus many other measures.

The limitations of my emphasis in a series of previous posts on holism, holistic care, holistic approaches become apparent as long as the political domain is not addressed. You can be as holistic as you like, identifying, processing and integrating the full remit of health care concepts relevant in a case. If esteem is not achieved then the benefits of being holistic must be severely damaged. They may even be considered futile politically (speaking - just a whisper)?

Through the links below this post demonstrates that esteem is stirring in the political, policy and legislative domain and is being addressed, even if a solution will not arrive overnight.

My original sources: New Scientist, the HSJ and BBC.

Nick Craddock (2013) Opinion: Where's our Higgs? New Scientist, 27 April, 2914; pp.30-31.
Psychiatry needs the star quality of physics to help recruit top academics and fight the scourge of mental illness - this opinion piece concludes:

So, in 2013, psychiatry has powerful scientific tools and a developing narrative that already points to strong theoretical bases. Yet, in the UK research into mental illness is stalled at around 5 per cent of the annual medical research budget, and the picture is similar in other rich countries. That will have to change – and governments and funders are starting to see this. The door is open: all that is needed is for more of the best to come in and find out just how hot psychiatry really is.

‘Esteem gap’ between mental and physical health remains
10 October, 2013 | By Alastair McLellan
The government knows the challenges the facing mental health sector, but without radical solutions the goal of treating mental and physical health service users on an equal footing seems as far away as ever.

Debate on 10 October: Parity of Esteem for Mental and Physical Health - Lords Library Note

Lords debate – Parliament TV:

Royal College of Psychiatrists: OP88. Whole-person Care: from rhetoric to reality (Achieving parity between mental and physical health)


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