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Sheffield, UK: Critical Writing Bursary - re. Design4Health Conference


Interface @ a-n The Artists Information Company is pleased to offer a Critical Writing Bursary to visit and write about the Design4Health Co...

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Author's copy: Humans, Information and Science - now on


Humans, Information and Science This evening I went through some old directories from two PCs ago and added the two figures missing from a p...

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Countries, places and maps (Lahiri)


“The place to which you feel the strongest attachment  isn’t necessarily the country you’re tied to by blood or birth:  it’s the place that...

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'Lost Luggage': From the many to the one


Lost Luggage, (Cover, goodreads) Christof, Christophe,  Christopher and Cristòfol  - are four brothers – sons of the same father and four ve...

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H5P framework: rich content and applications in Drupal


If I ever get to create a new site devoted to Hodges' model it will be an enjoyable experience. A couple of weeks ago I learned of a fra...

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Big Bang - Aisha Cahn


Big Bang & The Four Elements by Aisha Cahn Big Bang V by Aisha Cahn Aisha Cahn Albemarle Gallery

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