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A paper by Anzures-Cabrera & Higgins, Graphical displays for meta-analysis: An overview with suggestions for practice


The interesting paper below is currently available online: Graphical displays for meta-analysis: An overview with suggestions for practice, ...

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Presentation: King's College London 17 May Mental Health SIG


Can you join us at the Higher Education Academy Health Sciences & Practice Subject Centre - Mental Health SIG in London 17th May 1000 - ...

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Charity song 'Change for the Better' for World Malaria Day


We [The Butterfly Tree] are launching a charity song, entitled 'Change for the Better' for World Malaria Day , April 25th, to raise ...

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A call for applications for the 3rd phase of Lifelong Health and Wellbeing (LLHW)


Advanced Notice A call for applications for the third phase of Lifelong Health and Wellbeing (LLHW) will be announced in early May 2010 . L...

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ERCIM News No. 81 Special theme: "Computational Science/Scientific Computing - Simulation & Modelling for Research and Industry"


Dear ERCIM News Reader, ERCIM News No. 81 has just been published at http://ercim-news.ercim.eu/ Special Theme: " Computational Scienc...

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Happy Birthday: W2tQ is Four! #h2cm #w2tq


Welcome to the QUAD [W2tQ] appeared four years ago today. It started very slowly with just three posts between April 2006 and August. The an...

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Musings in the nursing domain (specific language)


It is one giant leap from the humanistic world of nursing, health and social care to the m(a-e)chismo of information technology. It is no E...

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Reading the signs - Idealised Care


With the axes of the health career model labelled and the care domains - that fall between - identified, what can we read into and from the ...

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Paper: The health career model in forensic nursing


The other week a paper was submitted to a journal on the application of Hodges' model in forensic nursing. I am really pleased to have w...

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Holistic interferometry


Since Galileo first pointed a telescope at the moon, the instrument has evolved with bigger lenses and mirrors. Despite additional advances ...

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Development of a robotic health assistant to the management of malaria among nomads


The following very interesting item was posted on the Healthcare Information For All by 2015 [ HIFA2015 ] list (I have added some formatti...

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International Journal of Integrated Care


Dear IJIC reader, Recently PUBLISHED in the International Journal of Integrated Care A Research and Theory paper: An evaluation of SNOMED CT...

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How can maps provide motivation?


"The class of maps that go beyond navigation to consolidate thought and convey a message belong to the broader class of infographics th...

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Have workspace, workbench - let chaos ensue


Whether trying to write computer programs, engage in woodwork, artwork or needlecraft the workspace that you need is critical to what follow...

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CARE: Whether NHS or Social Care ...


C A R E Whether - NHS or Social Care * what C.A.R.E. is crying out for is a universal, shared, holistic and wholly integral conceptual frame...

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