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Visual representation of nature - energy ASEH2014


I subscribe to quite a few mail lists including the H-ENVIRONMENT list at H-NET. The post below caught my attention being always intrigued b...

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Nursing Informatics 2014 - Call for Submissions


Please forward this message via to your own networks and contacts. We are pleased to announce that NI 2014, the 12th International Congress ...

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INTERPERSONAL : SCIENCES SOCIOLOGY : POLITICAL individual anxiety, mood, anger, frustration, coping abilities, vulnerability, personal com...

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Mental Health at NWHealthHack Knutsford - Prof. Lewis (thank you)


NWHealthHack began with several briefings. These were all excellent in providing both technical and health care insights before projects wer...

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The Lancet: Several articles on health in China and HIFA2015


As well as highlighting some very useful papers, the post below c/o HIFA2015 is also an appeal as follows: HIFA currently has only eight m...

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New Scientist: Article on Cotard's syndrome [ and Hodges' model ]


Nine years ago, Graham woke up and discovered he was dead. He was in the grip of Cotard's syndrome. People with this rare condition beli...

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Tiles, gates, gems and beds


  Hansje van Halem 'On a tile just by the head of my bed, I have placed a list of the ancient gates. It looks like a gold ring, with gem...

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Book: Thomas Keneally - The Daughters of Mars


http://www.welovethisbook.com/reviews/daughters-mars An interesting novel in light of the military metaphor in nursing mentioned in the pre...

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Review: Philosophical And Theoretical Perspectives For Advanced Nursing Practice


If you are a miner for insight, a pearl diver for knowledge or seeking blue sky wisdom this book can deliver and sign-post in plenty through...

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