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Mental Health at NWHealthHack Knutsford - Prof. Lewis (thank you)

NWHealthHack began with several briefings. These were all excellent in providing both technical and health care insights before projects were pitched in 60 seconds.

Prof. Shôn Lewis set the health agenda in the context of mental health. I'm really grateful to Prof. Lewis to be able to share two slides here. The first speaks volumes not only in the research spend across health care domains but the disability-adjusted life year (DALY):

Over the past 25+ years I'm aware of the change within community mental health nursing. I can summarise this as follows:
  • 1985 one of six new community psychiatric nurses - CPNs
  • Early 1990s newly built community mental health resource centers
  • Mid-late 1990s CPNs criticised for not meeting the needs of the enduring mentally ill
  • Early 2000s early intervention services, role of psychosocial interventions
  • Mid-late 2000s reduction and closure of mental health day hospitals
  • Early 2010s former community mental health resource centers turned to primary care (mental health)
I have mentioned here previously about the need to put the 'mental'' into public - health and the need to put mental health literacy on the map. It will be interesting to watch what happens now that this has landed in a very 'local' way within Local Authorities. Prof. Lewis reviewed the situation in mental health conjoining serious mental illness, services and self-care, making a critical point for those readers working in community mental health teams. This should also give pause for thought for those (like me) working in related services:
Prof. Lewis also shared an app - ClinTouch and reflections on the professional's response to the apps potential and the findings in practice. It's never easy being open to what is new and being ready as a consequence to re-invent yourself. If that's a problem for individuals then for professional groups and multidisciplinary teams it's an even greater challenge. ...


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