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New Scientist: Article on Cotard's syndrome [ and Hodges' model ]

Nine years ago, Graham woke up and discovered he was dead.

He was in the grip of Cotard's syndrome. People with this rare condition believe that they, or parts of their body, no longer exist.

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Cotard's syndrome
Belief    "I am dead"   delusion (or?)
depression      self                                   suicide
 "I have no brain"    theory of mind         consc
                senses - taste smell
PET - positron emission tomography
ICD 11 - classification?
 attempts               'default network mode'
iousness          body (parts)        brain function
frontal and parietal lobes  anaesthesia
 low metabolic activity   physiology 
social impact, family, friends, carers
sense making  social understanding
stigma      interview
Jules Cotard (1840–1889), a French neurologist
media      unemployment
quality of life   autonomy   control
research funding      access to treatment
specialist services     referral processes
group - population

Source: New Scientist, 1 June 2013.
Mindscapes: First interview with a dead man

Wikipedia: Cotard delusion


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