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4 Remarkable Notes for JSF Apps Using HTML5


In the previous post , I've already shared with you how my team consults clients by using a HTML prototype. This post is about the used ...

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Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin version 6 officially released


I am glad to announce that the  Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin  (SCP)  version 6  (codename Greenbelt) has been released. This is the ...

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How to install QGIS 3 using OSGeo4W in Windows OS


The Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin (SCP) version 6 (codename Greenbelt) will be released very soon. This new version is compatible wit...

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Consulting Services


The topic is about my experience on my first project with my freelance team. We implement the last step of this process which you can find i...

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My 2017 Review


Passion for System Design After finishing a one year project, my longest stable team (lasted for 3 years) was separated into two smaller tea...

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Announcing the release of the new Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin


I am very pleased to announce the release date of the new Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin (SCP) version 6 (codename Greenbelt). This n...

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