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Putting 'care' in a holistic frame

How many frames do you need?

*infocare: care demographics, directories, media, literacies...

care communication,
self care,
care ethics, care philosophy,
emotional care, pastoral (green) care,
therapeutic care, care beliefs,
interpersonal care,
cognitive care, holistic care,
care responsibility, care ecology

emergency care, physical care,
care model, theory, plan,
care assessment, evaluation,
care curricula, intervention,
care process, evidenced care,
intensive care, coronary care,
special care baby unit, *infocare,
nursing care, medical care, health care,
e-care, surgical care

collaborative care,
child care,
personal care, older adult care,
informal care, SOCIAL CARE,
family care, care education,
community care, care community,
residential care,
care dependency,
abusive care, care risks

duty of care, care policy,
care provision, inspection, standards,
care economics, care outcomes,
care legislation, care home,
care contract, care advocacy,
care quality, CARE AID,
care qualification, regulation,
State care, private care,
care insurance, CARE RIGHTS,
care service engagement, prison care

Don't forget the 5th, virtual, spiritual frame?

Where is that?
It is wherever you need it to be. ...

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