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Hodges' model links in 3D with Topicscape

Roy Grubb (Hong Kong) got in touch recently regards his appreciation of the links resource I have compiled, organise and maintain using Hodges' model. Roy's intention to create a Topicscape in 3-D has now borne fruit. Unfortunately, on my Macbook Firefox fell over trying the link below. I then learned Topicscape runs on Windows PCs only. I look f/w to trying on my (aged) PC, but despite that limitation - this is a great development. Many thanks Roy!!

Here is Roy's post from his site (the larger image below with link is from his initial post):

I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago. Now that I have permission from Peter Jones to use the lists on his pages of links organized according to Hodges’ Health Career Model, I can announce that it is on-line and live in the form of a read-only Topicscape. You can search (just type) and visit the pages (links are in the details panel – just click). Links to the four main pages of links in the Hodges’ Health Career Model site are in the four main topic cones: Intrapersonal, Political, Science, Sociology.

Topicscape image
Give it time to load the Topicscape software first time. Subsequent visits will be much quicker.

For you to fly around and explore this you will need a PC with 3D graphics hardware with an up-to-date graphics driver (requirements here).

There’s a wiki page with some helpful pictures that explain the few things you need to know to get you flying and zooming with the best of them. If you need any help, email me at r dot g at topicscape dot com.


Additional links:

Topicscape - Roy's initial post 'Hodges’ Health Career Model'

Science domain: H2CM (Visualization I & II, VR, Diagrams)


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