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"2010" definitely not - future vision is 20:20!

Happy New Year everyone!

Janus: Eric SuticAs 2010 begins with the first day and month of January I always think of Janus and the origins of January as per the description on Wikipedia:
In Roman mythology, Janus (or Ianus) was the god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings and endings. His most prominent remnant in modern culture is his namesake, the month of January, which begins the new year. He is most often depicted as having two faces or heads, facing in opposite directions.
Looking to the past and future my eyesight has proved a another source of personal upheaval. In September 2008 I went to get some new specs as I knew all was not well. I thought I was just tired, making excuses for a new pair of glasses and eyes that could still not focus. I went back in January '09 to learn I had a triplopia. After the first op (left eye) I realised how bad my right eye remained.

Picking up a white mug and using the lens mother nature gave me I was shocked to see a green-yellow cast over the mug. I have been able to type online and at work quite well and accurately by relying on my previously attained keyboard skills. Driving was becoming problematic, with traffic lights forming a perfect triangle. The lines in the middle of the road would float and merge in the distance. No wonder the optometrist asked me in July if colours seemed as vivid as they should be. I studied art at GCSE level and thought I had a good appreciation of the colour wheel and all that: Tch!

Now two eye ops later - left eye care of surgeon Mr Heaven and the right by Mr Mars (yes really) I have better than 20:20 distance vision with intraocular implants. I was reminded of younger years coming downstairs and the room looking so bright, as if it had snowed and then here in the UK it did snow.

Many thanks to Messrs Heaven and Mars and the team at Wigan Royal Albert Edward Infirmary (where I also did my general nurse training). They have done an excellent job!

Post an out-patient appointment in two weeks I will finally be able to sort some reading glasses.

If winter is a time for reflection well as per my final post of 2009 then I have reflected much of late, but at least I can see clearly now.

I hope you can too - especially if you are in a position of power and influence!

Take care wherever you are now and over the coming year ....

Image source:
Eric Sutic http://www.onecloud.nu/Visual/things/janus.jpg


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