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SQL Server - Multi language data support


I used CKEditor to edit my pages. Then, I stored the content of the pages to SQL Server 2008 database. The page contents should support in different languages such as English, German and Vietnamese. I met a problem when I worked on Vietnamese pages.
The text was successfully saved but it was displayed wrong when reading again from database, likes the following:
Input: "Ðây là Tiếng Việt"
Display: "Ðây là Ti?ng Vi?t".


We need to use nvarchar (nchar | ntext) data type for strings  and we also need to precede all unicode strings with 'N'

Here is my code:
--create table
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[xedu_page_content](
[id] [numeric](11, 0) IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
[category] [varchar](100) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
[content] [Ntext] NULL

IF not exists (SELECT category FROM xedu_page_content
WHERE category='"+in.categoryKey+"')
INSERT INTO xedu_page_content(category,content)
VALUES ('"+in.categoryKey+"',N'"+in.content+"');
UPDATE xedu_page_content
SET content = N'"+in.content+"'
WHERE category='"+in.categoryKey+"'

[1]. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2017198/sql-server-multi-language-data-support
[2]. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms186939.aspx


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