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Agile Tour Vietnam 2015 in HCMC

I had a chance to join this event today. It was great!
Agile Tour Vietnam 2015 in HCMC

For who don’t know Agile Tour, the following is the basic information from
“Agile Tour has been a way for enthusiasts of Agile to spread the word about Agile practices and to share their experiences, both good and bad, within their local community. These non-profit events occur every year in October and November in several cities.”
Many valuable topics were shared to the community. The topic I like best is “Software Craftsmanship” from Mr. Sandro Mancuso. “Software craftsmanship” is an approach to software development that emphasizes the coding skills of the software developers themselves (wikipedia). I would like to share with you my notes about it:
  • Agile is actually “a quick feedback loop”. For example, we review the user stories after 2 weeks, we will get feedback; we apply TDD, we will  get feedback immediately, etc.
  • Scrum, a Agile framework, is one main stream of Agile’s framework had a big issue that is technical debt. This is a reason why we should apply XP Practices such as TDD, Pair Programming, Automated Test, etc,… in order to improve the quality of products.
  • “If you want to go fast, you need to go well”. The reason is that we maybe build the project fast at the beginning if we don’t care too much about the quality of code, structure of project, technical, etc. And then, we will be slow down later on when project is bigger. Because we did not do well before and a lot of bugs occur.
  • “Building the right thing right”, that means Agile is somehow the “right thing” and we should build it right. According to that statement, we have the manifesto for Software Craftsmanship that is extended from Agile manifesto:
    • Not only working software but also well-craft software.
    • Not only responding to change but also steadily adding value.
    • Not only individual and interaction but also community of professional.
    • Not only customer collaboration but also productive partnership.
    • Best practices ever: continuous improvements and finding a better way than the old one.

Here is some pictures were take from this event.
Software Craftsmanship – Sando Mancuso

Behaviour Driven Development topic and my note book

The Pillars of remote team management – Lisette Sutherland

Conflict in team is a matter of choice – Michael Bertrand

I and my colleagues at Agile Tour 2015 HCMC

Thank you! See you on next events.


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