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Brief Introduction to Remote Sensing

This post is about basic definitions of GIS and Remote Sensing, which are included in the user manual of the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin.
In particular, the following topics are discussed:
  • Basic Definitions
  • GIS definition
  • Remote Sensing definition
  • Sensors
  • Radiance and Reflectance
  • Spectral Signature
  • Landsat Satellite
  • Sentinel-2 Satellite
  • ASTER Satellite
  • MODIS Products
  • Color Composite
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Pan-sharpening
  • Spectral Indices
  • Supervised Classification Definitions
  • Land Cover
  • Supervised Classification
  • Training Areas
  • Classes and Macroclasses
  • Classification Algorithms
  • Spectral Distance
  • Classification Result
  • Accuracy Assessment
  • Image conversion to reflectance
  • Radiance at the Sensor’s Aperture
  • Top Of Atmosphere (TOA) Reflectance
  • Surface Reflectance
  • DOS1 Correction
  • Conversion to Temperature
  • Conversion to At-Satellite Brightness Temperature
  • Estimation of Land Surface Temperature

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