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Fulfilling Your Contribution Needs

Human resource management motivation

Managing human today is quite different from the industrial age which treats people as just "chickens". Rather than people now are very important to the success of an organization. People are an organization's special resource. They should be encouraged to grow to contribute their effort and creativeness to their beloved working environment because the contribution is one of their most needs in life.

Training people: getting rid of the ineffective model and adopting the new one

The ineffective model of training people: Hiring new people --> giving them a crash course once --> expecting them working effectively. 

That somehow makes sense but you're about to expect a luck because you do not really spend your effort for mentoring them. If they can work effectively, well...lucky you! Otherwise, you will blame that these people are ineffective and you let them go and hire the new ones. What a waste of time!

The new effective one: Hiring new people with cares --> giving them a course that they're able to get started --> Keeping observing them as a mentor (like you plant a tree) until they can work effectively.

This task requires you to be patient to train your people, but then the result must be a sweet "harvest".

7 levels of your influence in your organization

This last section talks about how to satisfy your contribution needs by growing your influence in your organization. The higher level you are, the more your influence is.

Answer this question: How do you handle your tasks in your organization?
  1. I will wait for a new order from my supervisor
  2. I will ask my supervisor if any task
  3. I will  suggest my supervisor about my proposed tasks
  4. I'm going to do my proposed tasks and synchonize with my supervior
  5. I will do it and synchronize its status with my supervisor immediately
  6. I will do it and synchronize its status with my supervisor periodically
  7. I just do it
[1]. Stephen Covey, The 8th Habit.


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