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How to Monitor the Fires in the Amazon Rainforest on a Daily Basis

The news of the fires in the Amazon rainforest is alarming.
There are several monitoring services such as FIRMS by NASA that allows for accessing the archive of global active fires (from MODIS and VIIRS) in near real-time.

This tutorial aims to describe how to easily monitor the evolution of fires in the Amazon forest, using satellite images acquired daily.
In particular, we are going to use MODIS and Sentinel-2 images to view changes and calculate the NDVI index, using the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin (SCP).
MODIS images are acquired daily, but have 250m resolution, while Sentinel-2 images are acquired every 5 days but have 10m resolution, therefore the latter are very good for photo-interpretation and analysis of fire severity.
Of course we could also use Landsat images that have 30m spatial resolution or Sentinel-3 images.

NDVI calculated from a Sentinel-2 image (Copernicus data)

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