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A User Guide To Working With Huong



I write this user guide to help us (you and me) have a good collaboration at work. I hope you also share yours.

How I view success

  • We all feel passionate and happy at work.

  • We all enjoy discussing transparently.

  • We take it easy to give and receive feedback.

  • After all, we together develop and bring valuable applications to users.

How I communicate

  • I mostly prefer a face-to-face conversation.

  • Just leave me a message on Slack if you don't want to come to my desk.

  • For a big topic which takes more than 30 minutes, we should have a meeting.

  • Only send me emails only if stuff is very formal or out-of-office hours

Things I do that may annoy you

  • I do practice the Pomodoro technique so that sometimes you see me in the "do not disturb" mode.

  • Often to make things clear, I am at ease talking frankly with you.

What gains and loses my trust

  • It is easy to gain my trust when you commit to what you say. You show your passion and endeavors to achieve that.

  • It is easy to lose my trust when you don't focus on your work. You affirm what you haven’t experienced. For instance, you have never tested your implementation on the servers but you say you have done it.

My strengths

  • I know a good product is built by a well-collaborated team. I do care about teamwork.

  • My passion is to bring valuable products to users. I do care about both the technical and business of applications.

  • I motivate myself to expand my skill set every day to make better applications. I am a fast learner and my skills are wide.

  • I adopt the grit mindset. I believe I can solve most of the problems with my perseverance.

My growth areas

  • Development skills (Backend and Frontend)

    • After graduation, I began building enterprise web applications using Java as a primary programming language. For most of the projects, I used the JSF framework and Axon.ivy platform. I had nearly 5 years of experience in this field.

    • Currently, I am using JavaScript as my primary programming language. I enjoyed reading You Don’t Know JS.

    • In my spare time, I am also learning Android to develop my side projects.

  • Operation skills (DevOps)

    • I gained some fundamental knowledge about Computer Networks and Telecommunications such as operating systems, IP addresses, and security in the university as it is my major.

    • I have been working with some tools: Jenkins, Docker, OpenShift, AWS.

  • Soft skills:

    • I keep learning English for a good communication skill

    • I work together, observe, and grow my teammates to enhance my leadership skill.

    • I follow Buddhism (especially Zen/Thiền) as my philosophy. I believe everything in this world is connected. I no longer struggle to answer the kind of questions “Who am I? Why am I here?”. Some of my best friends are atheists, Protestants, and Catholics; we all feel happy when talking about our own beliefs.

  • Computer science

    • Architectural design: from the level of code to systems.

    • In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with some friends to take research and build side projects using facial technology (a field in Computer Vision).

    • Cryptography is also my interest. Currently, I also spend some time to build a pet called FIDO2 Authenticator.






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