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A simple idea that could change everything

Have you heard of Give1Save1?
A few months ago my friend Wynne and her husband Steven were the featured family on Give1Save1. Wynne and Steven are in the process of adopting two beautiful babies from Ethiopia. I met them at Together for Adoption last October. Wynne is also a Noonday Collection Ambassador. She’s in Ethiopia right now waiting to bring Camp and Asher (a girl!) home.
What is Give1Save1?
The idea is simple. Challenge thousands of people to give just $1 a week to help an orphan to have a forever family. One dollar is pretty much nothing by itself. But when thousands of people give $1, it can make a huge difference in helping a family afford the cost of adoption. And when thousands of people do this every week for a year, more than 50 orphans becomes sons and daughters. And when the idea grows so that Give1Save1 can feature families adopting from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe every week, literally hundreds of children who are fatherless are given the great blessing of a family.
I have good news: we’re the featured family on give1save1 this week!

The timing could not be better. We’re still trying to sort out the details of our dossier paperwork – and some of these details are expensive. With moving to London, our adoption expenses have increased significantly. We’re trusting that the God who turned water into wine is at work – that he will bring our beautiful Lana home. But we really cannot do it alone. Would you consider donating at least $1 to our adoption this week? And would you challenge your friends and family to do the same?
As a side note, adoption is difficult and expensive for families living in the UK. As a result, international adoption is rare. Every day we seem to have an opportunity to share our adoption story and I hope – and pray – that we may be a part of an awakening in our church and our community. We just watched a documentary on BBC about foster care in London. The young man featured on the show grew up in foster care in the neighborhood we’re living in right now. The documentary broke my heart and – like the documentary about sex trafficking in Eastern Europe the other night – left me in tears. I have so much more to say about this.
Would you join us in praying for Lana? Would you consider helping us get the word out about Give1Save1 this week? Thank you!


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