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What are the Best Foods For Teeth

Teeth are bones in our body that not only serve an important purpose but they are also there to add aesthetic value to our face. You have to care for your teeth in a way so that not only are they strong and healthy from the inside but have a perfect appearance as well.

If you thought that choosing the right kind of toothpaste or toothbrush or perhaps the regular use of floss was something that can tidy up that look, then you are wrong. You can actually eat stuff that would benefit the condition and the appearance of your teeth.

  • Vegetables

Did you know that certain vegetables are the best foods for teeth? Most vegetables, like pumpkin, carrots, sweet potato and broccoli are loaded with Vitamin A which is actually what builds up the teeth enamel.”For the sake of your teeth, it is better if you chew them raw; this works in dual ways. Firstly, consuming raw vegetables will provide your body with lots more Vitamin A than if they were cooked and secondly the extra chewing of raw vegetables massages your gums and cleans your teeth.”Celery, for example, needs a lot of chewing and this produces surplus saliva in the mouth. The excessive amounts of saliva will neutralize the bacteria in the mouth. Onions are also one of the foods for teeth because they kill different types of bacteria present in the mouth; although it can leave an odour of its own.

  • Fruits

While fruits are generally considered as totally nutritious edibles, there are certain fruits that actually cause the discoloration of the teeth and are hence not one of the foods for teeth. For example foods that are high in acidity level like lime, lemons and most of the berries can increase plaque.

Other juicy and crunchy fruits like apple and pear are terrific for your teeth as eating and chewing those increases the amount of saliva in the mouth. Saliva is considered as the main defence system of the mouth. Besides, these fruits are rich in fibre and water content which together work like mouth detergents. With increased saliva and their scrubbing action, your teeth are bound to stay healthy and this is why such fruits are best foods for teeth.

Fruits that are rich in Vitamin C, like Kiwis and oranges, are also best foods for teeth because they strengthen the collagen in the gums and help them stay strong and healthy. But too much of such fruits like oranges and lemon can also increase the acidity level; therefore eat in moderation or increase intake of neutralizers.

  • Dairy Products

You don’t need rocket science to understand why dairy products are the best foods for teeth. Dairy products are high in calcium content and our bones are mainly made up of this mineral. The more calcium intake there is in our body, the stronger our bones, including teeth, will be. But there is another reason why dairy products are beneficial foods for teeth.

Milk, yogurt and especially cheese are rich in calcium and phosphate with very low acidic levels. Together they neutralize the acidity of the mouth balancing the pH levels. These are also good foods for teeth because they help build up the tooth enamel. Also cheese is very chewy which stirs more saliva in the mouth.

  • Water

Water is also one of the foods for teeth, especially if it is fluoridated. It is a good source to provide fluoride to the teeth.

  • Tea

Black teas and green teas are rich in polyphenols and antioxidants. They are certainly some of the most beneficial foods for teeth as they not only kill the bacteria that cause plaque but also the ones that cause bad breath.


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