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House Cleaning Service – How To Possess A Worry-Free Yet Affordable Service

A clean and healthy environment is very important for good health. One of the best appliances that ensure clean surroundings is a vacuum cleaner. There are several leading brands that have introduced different types of vacuum cleaners with a range of advanced features. Among these, one vacuum cleaner that makes sure that your surroundings are absolutely dust-free is Kent Wizard and Cyclonic vacuum cleaner.
This vacuum cleaner for home is a futuristic device equipped with advanced cyclonic technology. It is incorporated with the latest FOAM filter that creates a spotless environment and reduces air pollution by discharging less dust into the atmosphere.
Here are a few reasons why Kent Wizard and Cyclonic vacuum cleaner is called the best for dust-free surroundings:
  1. Cyclonic Technology- This technology has been introduced in many Kent vacuum cleaners so that the surface can be cleaned in a much better way. Cyclonic technology is so powerful that it scoops the dirt and dust from the commodities. This results in all the surfaces to be dust-free to a much larger extent.
  2. Less Air Pollution- The technology used in Kent Wizard and Cyclonic vacuum cleaner helps to control air pollution very efficiently and effectively. These innovative features have the main purpose of discharging minimal dust so that it can contribute to eco-friendly methodologies.
  3. Strong Suction- If Kent Wizard and Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner is compared to other major selling vacuum cleaners, you can see that it has a much stronger suction force than others. It further adds to its efficiency and removes even the finest traces of dust with ease.
  4. Several Accessories- In order to make sure that the user can utilize Kent Wizard and Cyclonic to the maximum, it comes with several accessories that increase its functionality. It has a crevice tool, which is designated for cleaning surfaces of baseboards, crevices and radiators. Since a vacuum cleaner is used to clean different types of surfaces, it comes with small carpet and floor brushes that are applicable and safe to use for multiple surfaces.
  5. Less Noise- The only drawback in the older versions of vacuum cleaners was their loud noise. This disadvantage has also been taken care of in case of Wizard and Cyclonic by Kent. This makes it more convenient for users to use at any time of the day as they can complete their cleaning chores without disturbing anyone.
  6. Advanced Technical Specifications- This vacuum cleaner has a net weight of 7.20 Kg, which is quite less as compared to the traditional vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaner requires a single phase input power supply and operates at a frequency of 50 Hertz. The maximum pressure of the vacuum cleaner is greater than 24 Kpa and the noise is less than 80 decibels, which are great threshold values for a good vacuum cleaner. The airflow is 26 litres for every second and the maximum power consumption by Kent Wizard and Cyclonic is 1200 Watts.
All the above mentioned reasons make Kent Wizard and Cyclonic very popular amongst buyers. It is a great investment for all those people who are allergic to dust and are looking for ways to stay away from it. This vacuum cleaner will be a valuable investment as it will make your homes and workplaces look spick and span at all times.


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