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September at Family Hope Love

It’s September. This means a few things.
The first is that summer is over. In July, our family moved to London. Like many Brits, we spent a few weeks in August on holiday in France. Well, it was sort of a holiday. I kept writing my book and Mark kept working. But we enjoyed the sun and drank really good wine. We ate way too much pastry, bread, chocolate and cheese. We unplugged and let our to do lists be undone. But now our holidays are over. We’ve moved into our new house and we’re nearly settled. So it’s time to get back at it.
The second is my kids are headed back to school. For the first time in many years, I will have a few hours a day when the house is quiet. My boys will be in school every day. And my daughter still naps in the afternoon. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am. I am really looking forward to having more time to blog and to write my book. Over the last few years, I have really fallen in love with writing. I really need to write. If I am not blogging, I keep my husband up at night thinking out loud. Which would be really bad because of this next thing.
The third thing is Mark is headed to grad school. To be honest, I am jealous. Most women shop for shoes or look at recipes online when they are bored. Not me. I look at graduate school programmes. I really get excited thinking about doing research and writing essays. Totally nuts I know. Anyway. Getting an MBA at London Business School will occupy most of Mark’s time in the evenings – which means I will have more time to write.
And the fourth thing is my friend Megan invited me to be a part of a giveaway on her blog this week. I met Megan and her husband Chris a few years ago. Their daughter, Sienna, is exactly the same age as our Gabrielle – even though they were born something like 9,000 miles apart. Megan is one of the most transparent, intentional people I have ever met. I want to encourage you to check out her new blog today: Out of Her Heart. To enter Megan’s giveaway {which starts at 9 am in California}, you need to subscribe to Megan’s blog. You can also enter by subscribing to Family Hope Love or my other blog, From Mom to Mum!
That was supposed to be a short intro. Woops. 400 words later…I am ready to launch into this new season. Will you join me?
Welcome {back} to Family Hope Love!
Many of you have been reading my blog and following our journey for a few years. If you are new to Family Hope Love, I want to tell you a little about me and what this blog is about. As our family moves into a new season here in London, I am excited to focus in on a few topics very close to my heart.
My name is Sara. I am a child of God who has been saved by grace. I have been married to the love of my life for more than a decade. We have four – soon to be five – children. We adopted our daughter Gabrielle from Uganda. We’re in the process of adopting one more little girl, Lana, from Latvia. Our family lives in London. I love to write and God has called me to write a book.
Family Hope Love a blog about a family following God’s heart for the least of these. I write about adoption and orphan care, ministries of mercy and justice, and our journey as family living intentionally in London. My passion in writing is to challenge, encourage and equip families to follow the Father of the Fatherless.
I would love it if you would subscribe to follow our journey! There is a link to subscribe on the sidebar. Likewise, if you a question you would like me to answer or a story you would like to share, please contact me. There’s a link to contact me on the top menu.


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