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Health Benefits and Uses of Mayonnaise

Are you looking for something that can keep you look healthy from outside and from within?There are various food products that can really keep you look great because they have a combination of different compounds that work to make you look healthy and strong and one such food product that is readily available in the market is mayonnaise.A lot of people prefer to make their own mayonnaise because they prefer it that way.However,there are millions around who are busy with their work and they prefer to buy it from the supermarket which is an easy option for them.

Benefits of Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise is certainly a good food product because there are many benefits of it.You can use it as salad dressing or just use it to add with some other products and it will perfectly blend in without creating any taste indifferences.

 In one of the researches published in Journal of Clinical Nutrition August 2000 edition it was mentioned that mayonnaise is really good for postmenopausal women because it can help them to prevent stroke problems.Hence,women can use mayonnaise as creamy salad dressing and eat it with whatever they want to and it will be beneficial for them.Another research done by Intergroup of Arizona,Phoenix and University of Minnesota,Minneapolis suggested that mayonnaise is one of the rare food products that have lot of Vitamin E.This Vitamin E is certainly the best food that people can have to protect themselves from stroke problems.The research also claims that having mayonnaise can greatly reduce the chances of strokes because Vitamin E content in mayonnaise can resolve the deficiency problems quickly.Many skin experts believe that mayonnaise is not only good for health,but it is equally good for the skin as well.

Hence, you can apply mayonnaise directly to the skin and it will make sure that your skin becomes soft,radiant and when you wash your face it also peels off all the dead cells on the layer of the skin.Hence, you can always feel your face having a new glow once you have had a mayonnaise massage on the skin.The ingredients in mayonnaise have penetrating effect and it can quickly help your skin to get some nourishment and moisture which is required to keep the skin healthy.

If you are frustrated because of your dry hair then you can again make use of mayonnaise to get rid of dry hair problems.Mayonnaise contains eggs,vinegar,oil which can lock all the moisture in your hair.This will give your hair a better shine and you will feel that your dry hair no more feels like dried up grass.The combination of eggs,vinegar and oil provides good volume to your dry hair and hydrates your air.To get a better result you can take some mayonnaise and start massaging your dry hair.

This way you will be able to cover every strand of hair from root to tip.Apart from styling and giving volume to dry hair,mayonnaise can also be used to get rid of lice problems.Women who have tough time handling lice can massage mayonnaise and leave it overnight usually for 12 hours.This will become an effective way to kill all the lice and you can wash your hair with gentle shampoo and style it as usual.Apart from the health benefits there are various uses of mayonnaise that makes it one of the popular food products around the world.

Mayonnaise is generally used in sandwiches across the globe. You can use it as condiment along with tomato ketchup and mustard sauce. Mayonnaise helps to improve the overall taste of the sandwich and therefore some people love to apply mayonnaise to their sandwiches, burgers and even rolls.

For many centuries mayonnaise has been used as salad dressing and you can use it with various kinds of salads and it will still make it taste good. You can even create a good tartar sauce for fish when you add some pickle, onion and cabbage to mayonnaise. You can even use mayonnaise to make Cole slaw which you can give to your kids along with their French fries and snack items.


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