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Are Your Hormones Making You Fat

It is that time of year that we dust off the exercise bike, break into the diet routine once again and promise ourselves that this year we will lose the weight for good. However for many Americans this struggle repeats itself year after year. You begin an exercise program  along with a diet, only to see little or no results. If you have tried to lose weight only to be frustrated with your results then fat may in fact not be your fault. It may not be your diet, or exercise program or your ability to be compliant with those programs. It may have more to do with your physiology or more specifically speaking, it may be your hormones. For a long time it was believed that weight loss was a matter of calories ‘in’ vs. calories ‘expended’. If that was the case, then how do you explain a skinny person that eats everything but the kitchen sink, opposed to the overweight person that exercises two hours a day, literally starves themselves, and only loses maybe one pound?

What determines weight gain or your ability to lose weight, is your metabolism. And what controls your metabolism is your hormones. Fluctuations in your hormones can have a severe impact on your weight loss goals.  There are hundreds of hormones in the body that perform various functions, but 6 hormones are directly linked to fat burning and 3 are linked to fat storing. What you do on a daily basis can activate fat storing or fat burning hormones. The key is to activate your fat burning hormones to work for you and to decrease the amount of times you activate your fat storing hormones. What we have also found, is there are four main culprits that suppress fat burning hormones; adrenal fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, liver toxicity and blood sugar imbalances. These dysfunctions can be evaluated on blood or saliva tests and supported by clinical supplementation to get your body and your hormones working for you instead of against you during this weight loss season.


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