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Diapers Cloth Vs Disposable Diapers

One of your first decisions when you have children and are looking into diapers is to use diapers cloth or disposable diapers. Each type of diaper has its advantages and disadvantages. While disposable diapers are very convenient they can also be very expensive. Diapers cloth are less expensive but you will have to wash them. Both types of diapers have easy snaps or Velcro to close the diaper.

While cloth diapers have become popular again the disposable diapers till reign supreme. Mainly because disposable diapers have absorbent crystals in the diapers that can absorb huge amounts of liquids. This way the liquids will not bother your baby's skin and cause a rash or any other form of discomfort.

Cloth diapers can be made of several different types of materials. Typically they are made of absorbent cotton such as birds-eye, terry, flannel, or gauze. Flannel is the most absorbent material and is also feels the softest against the skin. However during the hot summer month's gauze can be a better choice, as it is very lightweight.

While all in one-cloth diapers can be more expensive they are worth the convenience. This all in one system has the diaper cloth and a protective cover. The cover is moisture resistant and is inserted into the diaper. It helps for fit, absorbency, leak control and you do not need to use a safety pin to close the diaper. Some of the more well known brands that produce all in one cloth diapers include Bum Genius, Bumkins, Fuzzi Bunz, Dundee, Gerber, Swaddlebess and Kushies.

It is possible to find and purchase cloth diapers at toy stores, online, through mail order and at baby stores. On average a cloth diaper should cost between 1 to 3 dollars and one set of waterproof pants starting at $2. 50 and up. If you decide to purchase an all in one diapering system then this will start somewhere between 7 to 12 dollars, though you can find discounts for sets of five or more.

Which type of cloth diaper you decide to use will depend on several different factors though it is mainly based on personal preference. To start out with you should have about 3 dozen on hand. You should do some searching and research online to find the best prices for the type of cloth diapers you have chosen.

Many parents also chose cloth diapers because they are chemical free and can be recycled. Most disposable diapers are garbage and will show up in landfill. Cloth diapers can be washed and reused. There are many chemicals used in disposable diapers and several toxins such as Dioxin, sodium polyacrylate and Tributy-tin. These toxins can cause cancer, has hormonal problems in humans and increase the possibility of getting toxic shock syndrome.

Practically all of the disposable diapers are thrown out every year, which is over 18 billion diapers. So using reusable diapers is of great benefit to the environment as you are making a contribution to saving the environment. Once you do not need cloth diapers anymore they can be used as rags. Unlike disposable diapers a cloth diapering system can cost as little as $300 to set up, though organic and natural diapers can be pricey. All together the cost is one tenth of that compared to disposable diapers.


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