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The importance of Construction Toys for children

I highly recommend construction toys as one of the most basic educational toys we should provide for children. Any toy that recreates the process of building and manufacturing can be classed as construction toys. The pieces can be joined together to create models of toys such us cars, spaceships, houses, bridge and so many other. Old models often are broken up and the pieces reused to be another models.

The oldest and most common is a set of simple wooden blocks which are often painted in bright colors, soft block, interlocking block, and many kinds of building set. The materials are also various from wood, plastic and even metal. These tools will help children get the hang of construction and design.

The benefit of construction toys

Construction toys will help children develop basic math and physics. The sets are all about size, shape, color, and balance.

Construction toys offer the child an opportunity to builds their ideas and solving problems. It will happen when children began to have specific plan in their head. They will enjoy through many problems and solve it.

Construction toys help children develop fine motor skill as eye-hand coordination. Babies and toddlers enjoy pick up and move big block with all their body. For preschoolers the blocks are more detailed and require precise control and movement.

These toys stimulate children imagination and creativity. They use these block to create everything from simple house, tower, ship, bridge, castle, battleground and many else.
Create a model with construction toys is an activity that will more interesting if playing in group. It is a great way to develop their social development by learns, share and cooperate with others.

Construction toys are a great way to keep your children occupied for hours with educational benefit. They entertain kids and also help them learn about many skills.
Ask your children about the model they create. The story behind the model will encourage their language capability.

How to choose suitable construction toys for children

We must consider our child’s age and stage of development when choosing or making building toys.

Babies love colorful soft block to look at, squeeze, chew on and drop. It is important to consider the block are big enough to be pick up, light enough to be carry around and soft enough that babies won’t be injured when crashing down.

Toddlers like to put wooden blocks in boxes and pour them out or pile them on the floor. They will attempt to arrange and stack them and learn how to balance them. Lego Duplo, brio wooden block, mega block and Melissa and dough will be perfect for this age.

Preschoolers will able to create block for purpose. They can build towers, houses, farmyards, road, bridge and more. It is a good idea to give your child accessories such as plastic animals, cars, and people. Interlocking block from Lego and Knex are also good idea for this age.

As your child starts school, they will enjoy working with smaller plastic block that can connect and create more specific object. You may introduce magz construction set in this age.

Construction toys become more exciting and more complex for older children. The model will require concentration and detail. Cars and other vehicles are the most popular models and hundreds of design to choose from. Many set suitable for this group age as Capsela, Rokenbok, erector set and many other.

Every brand, material and model offers different benefit, and is suitable for different ages and stages. Start with the basic and then you can provide them with more complex tools and material.


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