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Science Toys: Encourage Your Child’s Natural Curiosity and Make Education Fun

Keeping children interested in their education is a struggle that’s faced parents for generations. While some children love going to school and have a genuine thirst for knowledge, others see learning as something they’re forced to do when they’d rather be playing.

Science toys are a great way to stimulate children’s natural curiosity, and to keep them entertained while learning about science and nature. In fact, with science toys, children can have so much fun, they may not even realise they’re learning something new.

Classic Newton’s Cradle

This addictive toy has been a favourite of bored executives for many years. Gently raising then releasing one of the end pendulums will cause energy to travel through the three static centre pendulums, before pushing the final pendulum outwards. When the final pendulum comes back, the process is repeated over and over, teaching children about the conservation of momentum and energy.

Drinking Bird

Dip the Drinking Bird’s beak into a glass of water, and he’ll carry on drinking for hours. A popular curiosity in the 60s and 70s, the Drinking Bird demonstrates a variety of physical laws including the combined gas law, the ideal gas law, the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution, the heat of vaporisation, torque, centre of mass and capillary action.

The Drinking Bird is a mesmerising sight for all ages, but as it’s made of glass and contains a volatile liquid, we recommend close adult supervision.

Fun Fly Stick

Watching electricity in action is one of the most fascinating ways to see science at work.

The Fun Fly Stick is a wand that makes a collection of metal toys fly, as if by magic - Harry Potter fans will no doubt find this toy especially enthralling! The Fun Fly Stick contains a Van de Graaff generator that generates an electrostatic charge. When you raise the Fun Fly Stick, the toys become charged so that the wand repels them, and they float upwards away from the wand.

Hologram Chamber

The Hologram Chamber uses light and mirrors to create an optical illusion, so that small objects placed in the centre of the Hologram Chamber appear to hover in mid-air. Children can have hours of fun making small objects seem to levitate in the Hologram Chamber.

Sun Print Kit

Children can have hours of fun learning about early photography by making their own prints using the Sun Print Kit. Place an object - or a selection of objects - on a sheet of Sun Print paper and leave it in the sun, then rinse the Sun Print paper in clean water to fix the image. The Sun Print Kit is a great way to teach children about the science of photography, while encouraging their creativity.

Triassic Triops Kit

These curious aquatic creatures have been around since the Triassic Period, when Tyrannosaurus rex still walked the earth.

Triops are hatched from dried out eggs which have evolved to survive long periods of drought. While Triops don’t make quite as exciting a pet as a dog or a cat, they are nevertheless fascinating to watch, and teach children about nature and the responsibilities of pet ownership.

Microscope Set

One of the best ways to encourage an interest in science and nature from a young age is to buy your child a Microscope Set. Anything small enough to sit on the microscope’s stage can be scrutinised by your child - flowers, seeds, leaves and insects are fascinating when seen through a microscope, and will keep your child interested for hours on end.

The Microscope Set contains a variety of additional accessories including test tubes, slides, tweezers and a probe, as well as a sturdy carrying case which protects the microscope and accessories when they’re not in use.

Children have enquiring minds and love learning how things work. While they’re young, children’s minds are like sponges, soaking up information very easily. Take advantage of this by providing educational toys that help your child develop an interest in science, technology and nature, and pave the way for your child wanting to unravel the universe’s mysteries later in life. You never know - your child may well be the next Newton, waiting to be discovered...


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