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Overcome Potty Training Resistance

If you have been trying to encourage your child to go on the potty and they just won't cooperate, don't worry,you're not alone !Some kids just don't embrace the whole potty training experience. But there are some things you can do to help them along their way!

First, ask them why they don't want to use the potty. Sometimes, misconceptions or real fears stand in the way of successful toilet training. You may find that you child is simply intimidated by the whole process and wasn't sure how exactly to proceed.

If you get a response like this, you are in a prime position to help. You can start to teach your child how and when it's time to use the potty without the fears or trepidations that they might possess inherently.

What else can you try ? Look at these time-tested tricks:

1.Turn on the faucet. Some parents find it helpful in early training to try turning on the water faucet in the bathroom as a stimulus to urinate. Hey, if it works for adults it will work for kids.

2.Try the 'warm water' trick. Once the child is sitting on the potty, fill a large bowl or small bucket with lukewarm or tepid water. Place some new 'potty' toys in the bowl and set the bowl of water in front of the child. When the child places his/her hands in the lukewarm water to play with the toys, they may nearly instantly go.

3.Place targets in the toilet. This tip works best for boys. Many parents put objects in the toilet so boys have something to aim for. We've addressed this before, but having an 'aim' to shoot for can be a huge motivator!This challenge taps into their natural interest in hitting targets. Inexpensive and biodegradable targets include Cheerios, Fruit Loops, and squares of toilet paper with drawn-on 'bulls-eyes.' Some parents have been known to use glitter or sprinkles. One even pours a little bubble bath in the toilet and tells her child to make bubbles.

4.Sing a song. Singing a song for your child will help you pass the time and keep them interested in staying in the bathroom.Some parents go so far as to create a potty song to make their child feel more comfortable in the bathroom.

5.Try this parent's technique. This song is sung to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. It goes like this: 'Tinkle, tinkle, little pee, in the potty you will be. Poopy, poopy stinky-o, in the potty you will go.'

6.Let your child run naked. Allow your child to run around naked when you are at home. Having to deal with the urge to eliminate will be much more noticeable to your child when there is nothing to catch it in but the potty.We are big fans of this technique. When children are feeling less constrained by things like clothing and diapers, they are more apt to try and get rid of their waste in the toilet.

7.Try a pee-pee tree. For a resistant boy who refuses to go anywhere but his underwear or training pants, as part of the outside bare-bottom drill, paint a target on a tree and show him how to water it.Again, we'll remind you that this worked wonders with Conner. Well, we didn't have to paint a target on a tree, but he took great joy in watering his friends that gave him climbing opportunities.

8.If any concerns come up before, during, or after toilet training, talk with your pediatrician. Often the problem is minor and can be resolved quickly, but sometimes physical or emotional causes will require treatment.Your pediatrician's help, advice, and encouragement can help make toilet training easier. Also, your pediatrician is trained to identify and manage problems that are more serious.

9.Seek advice and support online. Talk to other parents about their success and failures on online discussion boards. Post a message, ask a question, and exchange information about potty training. It's a great learning experience!


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