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Typical Weekend Of A Stay At Home Mom’s Husband

Every mom writes her version of how she takes care of her family. But quite a few dads write about their roles and how a weekend turns out for them. You see, we don’t like to brag.
But, Now, I think, we dads too should get out there and pour our heart out.
So, its Saturday morning. Finally a day to get some good sleep. But somehow the concept of weekend has not sunk into my little one. He wakes up sharp at 6 as usual.
 My wifey says ” Hon, it’s Saturday, it has been a quite hard week for me. Could you please take care of baby. I will just sleep for just another 30 minutes and get up.”
” How do you think my week was? 12 hours at office everyday, 2 hours daily  in traffic and after all that I don’t even get a weekend.” I said to myself. NOT to my wife. I didn’t want to piss her off and spoil a weekend.
So, half asleep, I pick up the baby and go to the hall and starts playing with him while struggling to keep myself awake. Maybe some coffee would help. I leave the baby with some toys and head to the kitchen to make some coffee for myself and gets a cookie for the little one.
” Didn’t she say 30 minutes? It’s already 2 hours.” I mumble to myself and start making breakfast.
She lazily drags herself out of the bed and comes over to the kitchen and grabs the breakfast I had made for myself and mutters, ” Thanks hon..”
After yet again making breakfast and feeding the baby, I put the baby in front of TV and sit beside him and play with them when he gets bored of the TV, while my wife gets on to her weekly cleaning routine.
There is League football match today. I hope she gets done with the cleaning by then.
At 12.45,my wife comes completely exhausted after cleaning. Poor thing…
” Dear, I have been cooking the whole week. We need a change. Don’t we? Can we get order the lunch. They take way too long to deliver. Could you please pick it up. May be you can take the baby along, he would be bored being inside home the whole day.”
And there goes the match…
I get the food from the nearby restaurant and reach back home in an hour and devour the food quickly and try to catch up some final moments of the match.
But the little one gets cranky and needs to take nap. Being a weekend, I am on duty of putting him to sleep, while my wife takes some time on her blogging and socialising.
Losing all hope of watching the game, I rock the baby to sleep.. After 20 minutes of rocking, baby is in deep sleep. I too think of catching upon my lost weekend sleep and decide to go to bed. 10 minutes and baby tosses and turns and wakes up.
“I rock for 20 minutes and you sleep for just 10 minutes. Such a poor return on investment.”
Evening, after a stroll in the park, I get back home and baby takes a tiny train toy and asks me to join in his play. We play together for a long time with trains, cars and other toys. Right then, my friend Arun calls up. I somehow manage to answer the call as my baby tries to snatch the phone from me.
Arun,” Hey, would like to meet for a dinner party?”
” Wow, Party. That’s great. Who all are going to be there? ” And I casually glance over at my wife who has been glaring at me all the while. I take hint and say, ” Arun, Sorry man, we have a family thing going on tonight. I will definitely catch up soon.”
I get back to playing with my little one wondering when this “soon” will be…
Soon, wifey too joins and we start playing, wrestling, tickling and enjoying with our little one. In the end, sleep doesn’t matter, socialising doesn’t matter, nothing matters when you see your little one giggling, laughing and showering you with innocent love…


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