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How To Select A Good Double Stroller For Twins

When it comes to shopping, people tend to get carried away by brands, trends, looks, even prices! But when buying double strollers for your twins, it’s important to think about what’s practical and best for your family. The best buy is the one that suits you the most. We suggest making 2 lists – one for wishes and the other for restrictions. Here are some things you need to consider.
First and foremost, you’ll need to get that stroller in and out of house daily. Therefore, it must be of certain size to fit into the stairs, hallways, storage rooms etc., especially if you live in an apartment. House owners might have an advantage on this one. So, the advice is to get all the measures before buying- width and length of the stairs, elevator, passage… Also, don’t forget to measure the car if you have one! Better safe than sorry.
Secondly, accommodate your choice to suit your activities and lifestyle. Take into consideration distance you’ll go and places you’ll go to. You probably don’t need some all-terrain high durability model if you are just going to take your twins to a nearby park. But if your obligations force you to run around town pushing strollers all day long, it would be smart to check the quality of frame, number and size of the wheels, hand and foot brakes and mechanisms, steering possibilities and weight. If you travel often or drive every day, you might need strollers that are compact and easy to fold and unfold and pack in the car.
Two main types are side by side and in line (tandem) models. First kind is the one where your kids are sitting next to each other, facing the same way, it’s wider, harder to get through doorways, but easier to steer. If your kids are growing at the same pace, this model is adequate as both will have the exact same amount of space. And besides the space, they’ll be equal for one more valuable thing- the view. Don’t forget, kids are curious. They take their time to explore and look around. So, by choosing side to side model, you are enabling them to satisfy that inquisitiveness.
In-line or popularly called tandem type of strollers are more narrow but longer. One child sits in front of the other. But when having twins, parents tend to provide identical conditions for both kids. These kinds of strollers typically don’t conform to that tendency. Depending on the model, children are either facing each other, or one is seated behind the other, lacking the view. Not to worry, there are many variations today and manufacturers produce models with different heights of the seats to compensate. Also, width and length of the seats are usually not the same. So, they may be more appropriate for kids of different age than twins. Or if one twin is more chubby then the other one. Due to their length, in-line strollers are usually harder to maneuver, so keep that in mind if you are a busy parent.
It is needless to say that your choice depends on your budget. But it’s smarter to go over budget once, than shop twice. And remember, often details build up the price, like umbrellas, storage areas, removable fabric and color. Focus on the necessities and not glamour. All of the other things are certainly not as important as your kids. One of the main characteristics you need to look for is comfort for your children. Unfortunately, there is no rent a stroller for trying out, yet! Though going around many stores searching is time consuming and exhausting, especially with a pair of twins, there is still no better way to choose. This is an advantage with trying, contrary to online shopping, which looks easier at the moment, but in the long run, it may not pay off.
To conclude, be sure to fulfill your children’s wishes and needs when buying. Take into account their age, anatomy, their activities, toys… Estimate for how long you’re going to use these strollers and how much could twins grow by that time. Compare your wishes and restrictions list and head to the store. Good luck with your selection and buy wisely!


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