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Tips for the New Mom

(NAPSA)—Although taking care of babies is never child’s play, it has gotten considerably easier over the years. From the infant carrier to bottle warmers, modern technology and product innovations continually keep babies safer and make moms’ lives easier. So what helpful tips do new moms need to know? We asked the experts at Gerber Childrenswear for suggestions to help moms from that first ride home from the hospital to saving for college.
Q: What baby care items are most important during the first few weeks after the baby is born?
Besides safety and sanitary items such as an infant carrier, a crib or bassinet and a wellstocked diaper supply, choose items that will make mom’s dayto- day life easier. Blankets for swaddling, a handy drawer of washcloths for spills or changing accidents and enough changes of soft, versatile sleep-to-play Onesies to last through the day are absolute musts. A comfortable chair for midnight feedings is a big help, and a footrest is an added benefit for nursing moms. Diaper cream, mittens and specially sized infant nail clippers are items that are often overlooked in a newborn’s first days.
Q: Can moms take care of their new babies and still take care of the environment?
Natural items are top of mind for many people, both for the sake of the Earth and for their children’s health, and there are many ways to be a good parent and good steward of our planet. Cloth diapers are environmentally friendly. Organic baby foods are a healthy nourishment choice. Natural soaps and lotions take care of baby’s skin. And apparel made with organic cotton, such as the new Organic Apparel Collection by Gerber, is a means to both ends: good for the Earth and for baby.
Q: Besides diapers and wipes, what items are essential for the diaper bag?
Don’t leave home without at least one change of clothes, a bib and an extra pair of socks in case one gets lost. And don’t forget to pack plenty of burp cloths, which help preserve mom’s clothing, come in handy for wiping up spills and can be used as a changing pad.
Q: Do I need to start planning for my child’s future the day she is born?
Accountants and financial planners are great resources for how and when to start saving for your child’s future. U.S. Savings Bonds are a good option, too, because they let you or your child determine how the money will be used at the bond’s full maturity. To enter to win a $25,000 Onesies Anniversary U.S. Savings Bond.


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