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Mom, another vistor… Which type is she?

So, you are discharged from the hospital and bring your tiny bundle of love home and starts thinking of spending some quality time alone with your family. But little did you know that it is not just you, but a long list of your friends and family too who are excited to meet the little one. And one by one, they start dropping in and you are sure to find them as at least one of the below type.
  • The Sweet Lady
    She completely adores the baby and talks at great length about how cute the baby looks, how sweet the toes are, the fingers are and so on.
  • The Advisor
    She gives you an endless list of advises on how to care for your baby, how to bathe him, how to feed him, how to put him to sleep and rambles on. She bases her right to advise stating that she has cared for 8 newborns so far. With the past sleep deprived nights and hormones, you have to make a huge effort to not bang her on the wall.
  • The Cleanliness Freak
    She gifts you a hand sanitiser and may even go around inspecting and cleaning the new born’s room. She advises about the importance of washing hands before touching the baby, cleaning the baby’s room twice a day and changing sheets daily.

  • The Careless oneThese are the type of people who are kind of opposite of cleanliness freaks. They do not understand the hygiene that needs to be observed with a newborn baby and often peck the baby’s cheek and carry the little one around without even washing their hands. Had your stitches allowed an easier movement, you would have literally snatched the baby off their hands.

  • The Breastfeeding Advocate
    She educates you thoroughly on the benefits of breastfeeding, the feeding positions, techniques for a proper latching and vehemently opposes formula feeding. They are the type of people who can write a thesis on the diet to increase breastmilk.
  • The ” Normal” LadyIf you had a normal delivery, she is all praise for you. But if it was a C-section, she she drops a hint here and there that a real mom gives birth through vagina, and rants on about better bonding, easy breastfeeding and countless ‘benefits’ of normal delivery.

  • The Depressing Mother
    Her topic of discussion is the sacrifices you have to make once you are a mother. The list ranges from frustration and exhaustion of being a stay at home mom, the weariness of becoming a working mom to disruptive sex and sleep.

  • The Considerate Being
    She totally understands the privacy that a newborn and mom needs. She gifts something nice, brings some food, enquires about your well being, and makes a quick exit.

  • The Detective
    She is all set on finding our who the week old baby looks like and would even dig the family tree to find it out.
    Come on, she is just a week old. She could easily pass for a potato.

  • The Clueless Friend
    These are usually your unmarried guy friends who do not know what to ask. Asking about postpartum stitches could be a bit awkward and they have no idea what to ask about the tiny baby.


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