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Thoughts of a Baby When Put to Sleep

So, my mom and dad thinks it’s my bed time. It’s true I am a baby. But, hello… I would like to start making decisions about myself, after all I have started walking from yesterday, so I demand a little autonomy over myself.
So, now you start dressing me up in my night clothes, which I don’t mind, I like the strawberry print in it. So, OK go ahead.
 And now are you trying to put me in the crib? Mom, how many times have I expressed my hatred for this crib? I do not like to be put behind the bars. And now, I have to scream till your ear aches for you to pick me up. Isn’t it? OK. Here I start..
It took you longer than yesterday to pick me up. And now starts the rocking.. Did Dad get a new phone? I think I saw it on the table. I need to get it. I need to get it now. Let me lean towards the table and get it. Mom, let me go.. I want to see the new phone. Oh.. Dad seems to have noticed that.. He hid the phone. I WANT IT (Screaming)
It’s 20 minutes since mom has started rocking. Do you really think I am going to sleep when my eyes are set on the new mobile? And doesn’t your back ache carrying me for the past half an hour? Oh it does. And that is why dad is picking me up now. OK. Dad, not going to work. I need that phone.
10 minutes of rocking and dad comes to his good sense and puts me down and hands over his mobile. Wow.. Dad, what does this button do? How does it taste? Let me chew and see. Though dad was quite apprehensive for the first 20 minutes and not letting me chew on it, now he seems to have let the phone to its fate and doesn’t seem bothered by my chewing on his new phone. Now, that makes me lose my interest in this.. OK mom, I will sleep… Come, pick me up.
And now mom starts her second round of rocking. But 10 minutes into it and she starts singing. Mom, you singing seemed good to me till I heard the actual song from the radio yesterday. Should I cry or should I close my eyes and pretend to sleep? I think pretending will stop her from singing.. And so, I close my eyes and yes.. I think I am drifting to sleep.
Good night mummy, daddy… I love you…
Hey.. Did you just put me in the crib.. No.. Not that… ( cries.. I mean screams) And so, mom picks me up and puts me beneath her on her bed. Cuddling besides mom feels so good and cosy.. I think I am going to have a good sleep…zzzzzz….
Did you think “good sleep” means sleeping through night? Well, in my dictionary it means waking up every two hours for boobies.


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