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Make Baby Night Nursing Easy

Because the newborn baby's biological clock hasn't established yet, they may wake you frequently during the night. And baby’s crying and screaming can make new parents very exhausted. Most of the new parents are struggling with the night nursing issue. In fact, if new parents can prepare baby’s night necessaries in advance and have knowledge of how to respond to baby’s sudden events, night nursing could be easier.

If you are struggling with the night nursing issue, here has some tips and advices from experienced parents may help.

Some experienced parents give me the inspiration to write down these useful night nursing tips.

Knowing the possible events may occur during the night nursing:
1, Baby is hunger or thirst
2, Baby suppress urine or has damp diaper or bed
3, Baby feels too hot or too cold
4, Baby is bitten by the mosquito or other insects
5, Bad sleeping position causes difficult breathing
6, Sudden sickness

Controlling the temperature to create good sleep environment
1. Window: Open the window to get some fresh air, and then close it before sleep.
2. Crib: Don’t set crib under the window or the air conditioner.
3. Clothes and bedding: Don’t let your baby go to sleep naked even in the hot summer, protect the baby's belly with some light baby blankets. Depending on the temperature, put on light-weight cotton sleeper or heavy fleece sleeper.
4. Air conditioner: The wind direction should not toward baby’s bed and as far as possible. Adjust the air conditioner to the natural wind mode or breeze status during the sleep.

Preparing baby night necessaries in advance
1, Feeding supplies: Breast milk feeding is more convenient. Lying down is ideal for night feedings; when baby is small, you may need to lay her on a pillow so the baby can reach your nipple. Or you may store expressed milk in the refrigerator. This will free you from feeling tired down by breast-feeding, and allow your baby to be fed by your partner if you feel really tired.
If your baby drinks formulas, you need prepare 1-2 ready-to-feed bottles, milk power, and hot and cold water. Don’t put these supplies too far away from you. After feeding the baby, give them some warm water to drink to keep their mouth clean.

2, Diapers and bedding: Changing diapers during the night will keep baby dry and comfortable. Make sure your baby don’t sleep on the damp bedding, if bedding gets wet, you must change it. So always keep some clean diapers and bedding set aside.

3, Clothes: Vomiting milk will make baby clothes dirty and wet, so always prepare two sets of clean baby clothes ready for current season. You may buy from baby depot.

4, Comfort supplies: Soft toys, rattles, latex nipples, or music can calm down the baby, and provide comfort for the baby. You may prepare some comfort supplies for the night. If baby’s crying, these comfort supplies can be very useful.

5, Paper towel: You will need paper towels during the night before and after feeding or changing, so be prepared.

6, Common drugs and thermometer: You need prepare drugs for insect bitten. If you baby keep crying all the time, and have red flash on the cheek, take the temperature. Sometimes you need rash to the hospital, so always prepare some hospital necessary supplies in advance for both the baby and yourself. Put them aside.


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