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How to Choose the Best Shoes for Your Baby

You must be thinking what could could be the right time for a child to get his first pair of shoes then the answer is simply after he takes his first steps. Shoes protect baby feet outdoors and anywhere else that could be hazardous – for example a splintery surface. Indoors, it's still a good idea to let your new walker go barefoot, or wear socks or booties for warmth, whenever it's safe. Babies enjoy the sensation of various surfaces (soft sand, lush carpet, cool tile) beneath their feet, and a barefoot base helps them build strength and coordination in their legs and feet. Going barefoot for a baby is essential, as it allows them to learn about their feet, how to use them and it allows them to practice walking. Obviously it is not always the best choice to allow them to walk without shoes, and for times such as snow, hot weather, outside, hardwood floors or other areas that are easy to slip and fall on, shoes are vital for the safety of your baby. Baby shoes need to always be soft and flexible, because the shoe is more for protection against dangerous sections in the ground more than it is for support. In fact a shoe with too much support can possibly have a negative effect on walking. A non-slip shoe is ideal and allows the baby to walk on any surface without the fear of falling.
Ideally, a baby's shoe should allow room for the feet to breathe. You should have about a pinky finger in width between the heel and shoe. The toes should also have room. Using your thumb the shoe should extend half way down the thumb. In other words about a half inch, maybe a little less. The shoes should not be so loose that they fall off when baby walks.
The next choice is whether to choose Velcro, laces or the ever-popular, slip-on. Normally when you find a shoe that is comfortable and soft for the baby, it doesn’t really matter whether the shoes have laces or are slip-on. Although, if that is a concern, keep in mind that laces can be quite a hassle as you will have to continuously retie them throughout the day, thus proving to be an inconvenience.

Taking care of the baby’s shoes is another important aspect; it is inevitable that the shoes will get extremely dirty, so you should always have the option of throwing them into the washing machine and dryer. That will prove to suit you much better and easier, and definitely less time consuming than trying to get dirt or stains removed with a rag cloth. I recommend leather being the best material to find your baby’s shoes in.
Now we all wonder “Why” one should purchase a pair of designer baby shoes. The various questions that cross our minds are that will they even know? Will they appreciate it? Will it make a difference or most importantly will it be worth it if they outgrow the shoes in a month or two?

Here is the reality of the situation and a possible answer to all those questions. Aside from the fame, quality of materials used and original design of designer baby shoes, parents and grandparents would want to give something special to their children or grandchildren and they are the ones who would consider purchasing a pair of designer baby shoes. Mainly because they seem to be the perfect gift, as they are specially-crafted to fit all the needs of the baby. And of course, when it comes to your precious one; one always thinks, “Only the best for my child”


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