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Why Do Kids Love 'In The Night Garden'?

In The Night Garden is a CBeebies children's television programme that comes on during the week at 11am and it is mostly aimed at babies and toddlers.

The programme is produced by Ragdoll Productions - if you remember Rosie and Jim (a boy and a girl stuffed toys or 'ragdolls' as you might want to call them) is also made by Ragdoll Productions including the old fashion toy car Brum that comes to life to set off about a small town to do good deeds. The same production company that created the characters that are available in colours of red, purple, yellow and green also known as the Teletubbies became popular amongst any life form and living species on Earth who watched the programme during 1997 - this includes University students who dress up as the characters for a good messy night out.

In The Night Garden is a show with a mixture of live actions featuring performers in costumes supported by puppetry and computer animation to bring the imaginative world together. The first 20 episodes of the series were first broadcasted in March 2007 and the show was created not to just educate their target audience of children aged between 1 and 3 but to initially help generate a relaxed environment between them and the parents - as bedtime for most parents is a nightmare without having to go to sleep.

The programme is packed with odd characters that do not speak a word of English but communicate in squeaky voices and random sounds that only babies and toddlers seem to understand in. Although the characters do not speak English the story is narrated by an English actor and film director; Sir Derek Jacobi.

The main characters involved are Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka, the three Tombliboos - Unn, Ooo and Eee. Other characters such as the Pontipines and Wottingers, a family of ten made up of a Father, Mother, four boys and four girls live next to each other. One family is red and the other is blue - if you want to know which is which, watch the programme on BBC2.

Other Characters include the Haahoos (very large pillow-shaped creatures with eyes and mouths in a group of 5), the Tittifers ( tropical birds sing number 1 hits of their own unique songs - which puts everyone to sleep), the Ninky Nonk (is a toy train of 5 carriages all different shapes and sizes, it doesn't run along the tracks and stops at platforms but can drive anywhere even up trees and along the branches) and the Pinky Ponky (a colourful version of the Hindenburg with a giant purple propeller at the end).

Each and every episode of 'In The Night Garden' starts off with a scene of a different child in bed ready to go to sleep while Sir Derek Jacobi narrates the story. The garden is like a dream world to a child and the garden is visited by Igglepiggle who goes to visit his friends; Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka.

In 2007 the shops started selling 'In The Garden Merchandises such as toys and DVD's. There are 5 different DVD's based on the TV show and each DVD has 5 episodes to watch - four of the DVD's are based on each characters - Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and Tombliboos.

Hasbro - a famous company for making popular games partnered with Ragdoll Productions to make the toys which arrived in the High Street shops and Supermarkets in July 2007. 2 other companies agreed to make other toys such as a range of Scooters and Trikes produced by MC Sports and Leisure Limited including Play-Doh that made and packaged dough in an Igglepiggle-shaped cut out.

There are a lot of random sounds, cheerful songs, squeaky noises and support of a narrated story spoken in a soft tone to keep the children entertained for half an hour everyday from 11am. A lot of the language on the programme used is baby language that the babies and toddlers respond enthusiastically to.

As said before, the programme encourages a relaxed environment between them and the parents so that when it comes to bed times for the little wonders of joy, they can get to sleep and visit their own garden themselves without kicking up a fuss - this helps parents save face from appearing on the Channel 4 show; Super Nanny when it comes to bedtimes.


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