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How to be A Stay At Home Mom Without Going Crazy

I love my kid to no limit. It’s the same with all mothers. But being a stay-at-home mother, there are times when things go a bit out of control and everything around me drives me to the point of being crazy. I tend to get moody and grumpy and this affects my relationship with my kid as well as his father.
Through my past 1 year experience as an SAHM, I have adopted a few tips that has helped me be sane( well, most of the time).
sane stay at home mom
  1. Baby proof your home
    Babies are ardent explorers. Always being on your heels to ensure that they do not hit the furniture corners or fall off the bed or play with the electrical wires can be quite tiring. Not just that, all these pose a serious hazard too. At least one completely baby proof room can help you run your errands peacefully while occupying the baby with some toys in that room.
    In my home, I can put my baby in my bedroom and leave him there for quite a few minutes without any worry. I have sold my bed and there are just 2 mattresses on the floor. The wardrobe in inbuilt and I have emptied one drawer which takes place of nightstand where I keep my phone and any such essentials. All drawers are closed with safety lock for baby proofing.
    So When I need to go to the bathroom I leave him in my bedroom with his favourite toy and I can do my business in peace.
    sane mom3
  2. Encouraging independent play
    When my baby turned around 6 months, he started becoming cranky the minute I went to away from him to the next room. He would start screaming and started making it very difficult for me to run my errands. Through a gradual process, I was able to get him to play on his own and thus get enough time to do my work. You can read more about how to encourage independent play here.
  1. Get help
    We fortunately, yet unfortunately live in a country where domestic help doesn’t burn a hole in our pocket. I am a control freak who doesn’t like to have food cooked by maid. So, I just get her to do the other essentials like cutting the vegetables, doing the dishes, cleaning the home, laundry etc. This saves me a lot of time. Also having a clean home helps me keep my mind clutter free.
    sane mom5
  2. Get out
    This one tip cannot be stressed enough. Being within the four walls of your home and spending the major part of the day taking care of your baby could be really frustrating. Talking with someone other than your baby is a good change. A stroll in the park talking with your neighbours or a grocery shopping chit chatting with the shopkeeper can do wonders. We are all social beings and just cannot live in confinement. Not just that, your baby too will be used to seeing and being with people and would not get excessively worked up and clingy when you take him to a social occasion.
    sane mom6
  3. No compromise on Naps
    Lack of proper sleep can make even the sweetest baby to cranky little monsters. Planning your out of home ventures without disturbing the nap time can help keep your home sane.
  4. Hobbies
    Yes, we hardly have time to pee in peace. But somehow squeezing a little time everyday for ourself makes us feel happier. As much satisfying being a mother can be, having an identity beyond a mother is necessary. Also when a favourable time come, you could turn your passion to a means of livelihood too.
    sane mom7
  5. Keep good company
    If you are keeping company with people who give impractical, irritating parenting advices or people who engage in baby comparison games, it is high time you steer clear off them. Its good to be non competitive especially when it comes to parenting.
    sane mom8
  6.  Stop living to expectations
    As a mother and wife, the expectations on us are very high. Stop trying to live up to it. Stop trying to excel at everything. Sometimes, it is OK to fail. Sometimes, we have to let it go and just be a normal human being and not a super mom.


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