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What To Look For When Purchasing Baby Car Seats

So you have just received the wonderful news that you are pregnant. So what do you do now? After making sure that you and your baby are well looked after and stay healthy during the pregnancy, you need to start acquiring all the items that you need to keep your baby safe and comfortable at home and when you are travelling. Here are some hints when looking for baby car seats.

By law you are required to have your infant in a safe and properly installed car seat when you are travelling in a vehicle. You will need to discuss a budget first, and then decide if you want to purchase a brand new baby car seat or a second hand seat. If you are purchasing a second hand car seat, you need to check that the seat has not been in a car that has been involved in an accident or is over 10 years old. It is recommended to have the car seat safety tested if you are purchasing the seat off a stranger. You may even have family or friends who have finished with their car seats and may offer them to you.

All baby stores and most large department stores sell car seats. There is a large variety of seats also, from capsules to convertible seats to booster seats, and these all come in varied styles colours sizes and shapes. When deciding on a car seat check if the seat has passed a crash safety test and if it will fit in your car at the proper angle and with no movement when the seat is installed safely. Most baby stores will have a professional on hand at certain times that can help install, or show you hot to install, your baby car seat in your vehicle correctly.

Ensure that the seat your purchase fits your baby correctly. A newborn can start in a rearward facing capsule, then when they have grown to at least 20lbs then can move into a more upright forward facing seat. Once your child has grown into a toddler they will be able to move into a booster seat, using just the cars seat belt.

When you are putting your baby into the car, you need to ensure that the baby is strapped in securely and comfortably, make sure the straps are all secured and at the correct shoulder height, just below, to keep baby snugly in their seat. If your baby is quite small to keep the baby from moving in the seat put rolled up small towels or cloth nappies by their sides to keep the head in position, do not put the towels under the baby.

A new accessory for baby car seats is the overhead shield in which a padded bar will swing down over the babies head, with shoulder straps running between the tray and the cars back seat, with a buckle on the tray that attaches in between the babies legs. These shields have been tested and pass safety tests, yet they will not protect your baby as well as a five point harness strap.

When purchasing your baby car seats just remember that if it is a beautiful seat but has not passed a crash safety test, don't purchase it. It you are going for a second hand one, make sure you know the cars' history. Have the seat installed correctly, do not purchase any unnecessary accessories, if it didn't come in the box with the seat you don't need it! Use your seat correctly to ensure maximum safety for your baby.


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