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How To Deal With Your Toddler

It's one of the few things your child can do that will make your cringe. A high-pitched, eardrum shattering, teeth grinding scream that goes on and on and on. Sometimes to the accompaniment of heels beating on the floor, or fists on the wall. You may have to duck as the toys start flying, because your toddler is having a temper tantrum.

You cannot get a more natural state than a baby with no clothes on, and it's a state you will find your baby likes to revert to sometimes as she gets a bit older. That, too, is perfectly natural. However, most modern societies frown upon open nudity, and it is normal for all people to be fully dressed, at least once they emerge from the privacy of their home; and that includes babies.

The first step is to get both you and your toddler ready. Observe little one for the “about to go” signals such as squatting, retreating to a quiet area or verbalization. Other signals that show a parent a toddler is ready are: verbal communication of things like hunger, child understands simple sentences, doesn’t like being soiled, stays dry longer. One way you can help your baby from birth for this time is to change all dirty diapers quickly.

It is best to ignore your toddler while they are acting like this. Do not give into the situation or you will not be consistent. Yes. Consistent. Consistency is one of the biggest things you must learn to do while your child is young to efficiently discipline them.

Stretch the time being gone. When dad or another caregiver comes home, go and take a shower or soak in a nice bubble bath. Reassure the child you will be back. Never sneak away from the child as this will leave a bad coping skill with her and think you are never coming back. Give it 15 or 20 minutes and show your presence to the baby. Hug her and let her know you missed her, but will always return when mommy goes.

Put your toddler in the cart immediately on entering the store, unless you have another mode of transportation that does not involve her walking independently. Do up the safety straps and take advantage of those grocery store cleaning wipes to give the handle a swipe if they offer one. Bring a long a toy for her that you can preferably attach to the cart.

Do you know his interests? You’d better do. These interests are the greatest thing you can use to distract his attention. Let’s say, he wants something prohibited for him and you fail in making him change his mind just by saying no-of course, you would fail. Instead of waiting until he starts heading into a tantrum, grab his attention to everything he likes best. Just make sure you have at least one in each room to make it easy to grab.

Don't force your child to eat.

No matter how hard you tried to introduce healthy food to your child, he or she may not always respond with a smiley face. For example, if you have been trying to get your child to eat plain looking oats and your child rather say no, don't worry. Try adding strawberries, bananas, or peaches and mix it with the oats, your child will surely love the taste! Learn the different creative ways to feed your child. When faced with resistance, get him or her to eat another kind of food that provides similar nutrition.


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