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Double Baby Stroller Ergonomics

For most parents who've decided to buy a stroller online, the ergonomic features (recap: basically to do with comfort and injury prevention) of a double baby stroller are often placed behind price and looks in order of importance.
Most double baby stroller models nowadays have padded and rib grip handlebars for security and comfort.
Ss the parent’s comfort goes, the average stroller will usually stop there.

The babies and toddlers (the occupants) are, of course, the primary concern. Many mid-range models have removable seating pads, a hygienic bonus as well as a comfort boost. Also, padded seats are a must for a smooth ride, especially in a jogging stroller.

Price matters!

Price can certainly matter; It tops most consumers' concerns list. The well-established brands like Graco and Maclaren (as well as many others) put their mid-range (and higher) double baby stroller models through independent testing prior to release, so you know you’re going to get something that has met very strong quality tests. Even the lower models are put through tests to check that the most vital components stand up to the claims made by the manufacturer in product listings and such...

From the feet up

A great feature is a suitable foot rest on the double baby stroller. If you have a toddler, this should definitely be on your list... The reasons why foot rests are critical are wide-ranging, but many are the same as those that determine good ergonomics in a workplace – that is, if your feet have a firm surface on which to rest (instead of hanging or dangling), the body - as a whole - feels more at rest and that may even lower one's heartrate. Quite surprising, the difference such a seemingly minor thing makes.

A villain... hidden in plain sight!

Babies should not be exposed to too much sunlight for a duration of more than 15-20 minutes. Sun shades with good coverage (for both seats) are often taken for granted, and even toddlers should not be left with direct sunlight on their face for extended periods. For certain geographical locations, you are putting them at risk!

Mister Burns: "Oh, yes, sitting -the great leveler. From the mightiest pharaoh to the lowliest peasant, who doesn't enjoy a good sit?

Quality secure seating is a must-have. More than just a feature to shield from potential physical damage (if they were to fall forward and out!), secure seating also protects from back pain or even permanent injury. Regulations are far too lax for us to assume best support unless we’re purchasing a reputable, quality double baby stroller; in fact, a number of strollers have been taken off the market in the past few years for failing to meet quality tests after they were put on the market.

Double baby stroller reviews

Ensure you always read the reviews of a double baby stroller (like on Amazon or other product review websites) and pay attention to words about quality and especially cautions of letdowns in that particular department. If a particular function seems flimsy or poorly built, see how it might affect your or your baby’s comfort. For instance, a stroller with mismatched material stitching is not as big a deal as having a seat that moves unnaturally or reports of the double baby stroller collapsing! Common sense, that is, actually. Good look with your research. If you have questions, I have found Yahoo Answers to be a great community that responds to any question - about anything - fairly quickly.


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